Fulton voters support $23.7M capital project

Christopher Gosek

The $23.7 million capital improvement project to address numerous upgrades and improvements in the Fulton City School District was passed Wednesday by substantial voter support.

By a 635-281 vote, city residents gave the district the go-ahead to begin massive upgrades, which were called for after a 10-month facilities study was done in August 2005.

The highlights of the plan include security updates at all school buildings. In addition, six new classrooms will be added at the high school for a computer lab, music classes, special education, academic support and instructional space for core instruction.

The project will also entail reconstruction of the open intermediate wing at Lanigan Elementary School, as well as electrical and energy efficiency renovations at all buildings. Many improvements to the school district’s athletic facilities will also be made, including the addition of a synthetic turf field for multi-sport use at the athletic complex.

The project will also see improvements at all district school buildings in the areas of student safety, technology, accessibility for disabled individuals, heating and food service.

The State of New York may incur as much as 99 percent of the cost of the project, with the remainder the expenses being covered by the school district’s capital reserve.

It is expected that construction for the project will start in the spring of 2009 and be completed by August of 2010.