GateHouse News Service New England Budget • December 14, 2007

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STATELINE: PRIVATE DONATIONS TO REPAIR STATE HOUSE? - Senate Pres. Therese Murray (Plymouth) opens her office to the public to show off all of the decorations she had donated by private benefactors- tied in to what she wants to do with the SH: make needed repairs with private donations.

MetroWest, Parietti, 15 inches, 6 p.m.

With photos and video

With MASSACTION – a Look at the week ahead.


GOV. PATRICK IN YEAR-END CHAT -Gov. Patrick- sits down with regional papers for year-end chat- where he's at, what he wants to get out of next year and why he's not going to D.C. if a Democrat wins the White House.

MetroWest, Parietti, 18 inches, 6 p.m.


CNC, Floyd, on wire now

FORMER HARVARD STUDENT'S MANSLAUGHTER TRIAL ENDS IN MISTRIAL - After 10 days of deliberations, a judge declared a mistrial in the case of a former Harvard student accused of stabbing to death a Cambridge resident.

Cambridge Chronicle, 10 inches, on wire now

STATE EYEING FEDERAL MONEY TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION - The state is looking to receive up to $21 million in federal grants to improve communications between state emergency agencies and local police and fire  departments.

Ledger, Benson, 12 inches, on wire now

THE HUMOR IS IN THE DETAILS - A Pembroke special police officer has published a book: “A Day in the Life of a Road Detail Police Officer.”

Ledger, Schwartz, 18 inches, on wire now

With photos

HANGING A DEAD COYOTE FROM A TREE? TROUBLING FOR SOME, BUT LEGAL - Although it may be distasteful to neighbors, it is perfectly legal to hang a dead coyote from a tree in your yard.

Enterprise, Melanson, 8 inches, on wire now

With photo


WEB SITE HOPES TO BECOME HOME FOR JOB-SEEKING ARTISTS] - The idea sounded like a can’t-miss proposition: Take MySpace-style social networking tools and build a Web site where aspiring actors, musicians and other creative types can make connections and look for jobs.

Ledger, Adams, 18 inches, on wire now

With photos


FOR SUNDAY: Holmes: The truncated primary season has presidential candidates invading the holiday season and may force a decision before most people have heard from some pretty good candidates in the second tier. Can go with Granlund illustration, or as package with GHNS Fitzpatrick piece on political do-not-call registry.

MetroWest, 6 p.m.

FOR SUNDAY: MELTZER: The reaction to the Mitchell report misses a point: Why should sports leagues be dictating to adult athletes what they should be putting into their bodies?

MetroWest, 6 p.m.

FOR SUNDAY: EDITORIAL - As evidence and alarm over global warming escalate, the United

States is again an obstacle to international action when it should be a leader.

MetroWest, 6 p.m.

FOR SUNDAY: EDITORIAL - Too much of the steroids debate is still focused on millionaire professional athletes. Meanwhile, few school sports leagues even bother to test the young athletes who are much more likely to be harmed by steroid use.

MetroWest, 6 p.m.

JULIE JETTE: BRUSH WITH MAN-GENIOUS – Column from Ledger staffer Julie Jette, who was a classmate of Jets coach Eric Mangini at Wesleyan and how at their fifth class reunion, she thought he meant high school when he said he was a football coach.

Ledger, 6 p.m.

BETH MAYER: HOLIDAYS AND EATING DISORDERS - Newton-based clinic director about the holidays are the worst time of year for people with eating disorders.

Ledger, 6 p.m.

MAHONEY CARTOON: Al Gore advises penguins – more to Massachusetts

Ledger, on wire now

CHARLES WINOKOOR: A TIP FOR THE HOLIDAY? BE POLITE - It’s as simple as pie: I don’t want my derriere powdered and buffed, but the friendlier and more attentive the service is the better the odds are I’ll be coming back to buy more anchovies or sneakers.

Taunton Daily Gazette, on wire now


MetroWest, on wire now


Ledger, on wire now


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A.S. MAULUCCI POETY COLUMN: MAYBE NOT FOR DANCING, BUT ALL POETRY HAS DEFINITE RHYTHM - Whether written in formal or free verse, every line of good poetry has a rhythmic beat and a measured length.

Norwich, on wire now

DINING IN THE DARK: RESTAURANT ADOPTS A ‘LIGHTS OUT’ CONCEPT - The European culinary trend of eating a multi-course meal while blindfolded in a dimly lit room has landed on the South Shore. The goal of “sightless dining” is to create new sensory experiences when vision takes a vacation, said restaurateur James Luo, of Hunan Kingston.

Ledger, Martinez Standring, 25 inches, on wire now

With photos