Geri Nikolai: Readers share tips for keeping mice out, birds safe

Geri Nikolai

Some of you are better newspaper readers than I am.

Last week I wrote about some odors said to repel mice and mentioned that a reader said he had seen a product mentioned in the Register Star. I tried without success to find it.

Several of you remembered it, though, and called or e-mailed to tell me about Fresh Cab, an all-natural rodent repellent with a woodsy scent that is said to keep mice away from garages, tractor cabs, boats, autos, campers and more. You can read about it at and buy it at many area shops, including Bob’s or Zanocco Ace Hardware stores and Meridian Implement. It costs about $5 a packet.

Bird Deterrent

Our friend Jake the gardener says he and his wife found a simple way to keep birds from flying into their patio door. They strung a white string down the middle of the glass.

A Note on CFLs

Our friend Martin, referring to a column on recycle sites for compact fluorescent light bulbs, says he bought such bulbs two years ago. Last spring, one developed a crack, creating a hissing sound and a room filled with caustic smoke, Martin says. He threw the bulbs away and won’t buy them again.

For those of you who do and want to recycle them, check with your neighborhood Ace Hardware.

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