Students get tour of new Neosho school

Todd G. Higdon

The students’ faces beamed with excitement as they entered the front doors of the new George Washington Carver Elementary School Wednesday to tour their new school.

The first class to enter the doors was Marsha Kraft’s kindergarten class, who came from Field School.

 “I’m very excited about this new school,” said Conner Rice, 6.

Rice joins the 480 students who will call the new elementary school home in January, when the students come back from the Christmas break. There are designated wings where the grades are broken up into within the school. The 66,000-square-foot building will house a cafeteria, library, gym, a computer lab and separate playground areas.

Rice, along with the other students, were toting around blue plastic bags.

“I have my school supplies in this bag,” said Rice.

In preparation for the move, teachers and students have been hard at work packing up items from their respective schools to move to Carver Elementary.

“I helped Ms. Kraft pack some of the books,” related Rice.

Asked what was the first thing Rice was hoping to do at the new school, he quickly responded said, “everything.”

“This is my Christmas present,” said Rice, “I have been looking forward to this all year long.”

Each of the rooms are painted a different color, Kraft’s classroom is painted blue.

Still having her coat on, Kayleigh Franklin, 6, looked over to one side of the wall, where her cubby was.

One by one, each of the students went over to put their supplies and their coats in the blue cubby assigned to them.

“I am looking forward to playing on the playground,” Franklin said. “I like to play on the monkey bars. I am very excited about the new school.”

“They are excited,” Kraft said as she walked her students to their new classroom, room No. 6. “(As a teacher), it is so lovely. It is new, exciting, it really is.”

After a few minutes overlooking their new classroom, Kraft took the students on a tour.

They went to the art room, where some of their art teacher’s paintings were ready to be placed on the walls. They then went to the music room, where various instruments were located and sheet music books lined the blackboard.

Each of the wings has restrooms. But in the kindergarten rooms, there is something a little bit different – they have a restroom inside the classroom, along with a water fountain.

Next stop was the library, which is the largest library in the elementary schools, but the second or the third largest library in the district. It has a reading section, along with a computer lab.

As the staff unboxed the books, the students will get the opportunity to read 3,500 books.

“I want to read a horse book,” said Ashley Ray.

In the gym, one student looked at the basketball goals.

“I want to play basketball,” said a student.

After the tour, Mile Gindling was asked what she enjoyed about the tour.

“Seeing my room,” said Gindling with a big smile. “Blue is my favorite color.”

Gindling also noted she wanted to play basketball in her new gym.

Branden McRoy enjoyed putting his stuff in the bag and bringing it over to the new school.

Once the students return from Christmas break, they will head toward their new school.

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