Julie Anderson: A new approach to resolutions

Julie Anderson

Jan. 1 brings with it a new start to a new year, and with that, millions of people around the world set at least one resolution for themselves. Most likely that is to lose weight or get in shape.

I have tried this before. I always made at least one, but more likely two or three resolutions every new year. And, yes, they usually centered around getting in better shape, exercising more and losing weight.

For some reason, I never have the willpower to follow through on these resolutions. For a week or two, I would do good, but then I’d start to slip. Once things start going south, I figure it’s already a lost cause, so I might as well give in to all the temptations – things that usually involve chocolate.

So this year I wanted to try something different.

I thought about resolving not to make a resolution, but then I realized that by making that resolution, I had already broken it. That would be a record.

So I needed a different approach.

After some thought, it hit me. All of my resolutions fail miserably, so let’s make one that I want to fail.

Here goes...

I resolve to gain more weight...

To exercise less...

And to be as unhealthy as possible.

That ought to do it.

Happy new year, everybody!

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