Carver students enjoy first day at new school

Todd G. Higdon

Students were all smiles Thursday as they entered the doors of the new George Washington Carver Elementary School.

“So far, things have been great,” said Sototha Burr, the school’s principal.

The new school has 480 students. Within the school, there are designated wings where the grades are broken up. The school is a 67,000-square-foot building, with a cafeteria, library, gym, computer lab and separate playground areas.

Everything from furniture to books was pretty much moved either before or during Christmas break.

After the students were settled into the classrooms, Burr went around to see how the students were doing.

“The kids are excited. They are settled in and getting busy,” added Burr.

Walking down one of the halls, Michelle Snook, a third-grade teacher, was busy teaching.

“Right now, I am figuring out bus passes, making sure I know right off the bat where the kids are going, which buses and putting the bus numbers by their names,” Snook said. “Also finding out which students have younger siblings for the parent’s pick up spot. That way, we are not having the chaos at the end of the day.”

When the students entered the classrooms, they already had their cubby holes where they could place not only their coats, but also school supplies and textbooks. Snook’s class was one of the classes that came from a mobile classroom unit at South Elementary School.

Early in the morning, the students were assigned computer partners and also were given a course in computer usage forms. They were also given class rules, which are also listed in the class.

“We are going over hallway behavior and discussing which side is the girls and the boys at the bathrooms,” Snook said.

In the afternoon, Snook planned to practice logging onto the new computers, making sure the computers work. They will also try the SmartBoard and get to know the building.

“They have toured the building once, but I am still going to take them through it,” said Snook. “I had a few that were sick (when we toured last time). Check out the different classrooms.”

Impressive new building

“The mobile unit was fine, it was a facility and I appreciate the fact that South (Elementary School) accepted me there for the transition,” said Snook. “They provided us with everything that we needed and all of the necessities. However, when it comes to inclement weather, I am going to appreciate this facility in the fact that we will not have to walk outside.”

Students’ views

“I am just glad that we are out of the trailer (mobile unit),” said Olivia Thompson. “This is a big classroom, bigger than the trailer (rooms) combined.”

“I am very excited about the new building,” Easton Crupper said.

Want to see the new school?

A dedication ceremony is slated for 2 p.m. Sunday, with the public invited to attend. There will be tours and refreshments available.

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