December weather was on par with past years in Oswego

Chris Gosek

The Oswego area was host to a more blustery December than was seen in the previous year; however, the numbers for the month as a whole were not far from what the area normally would see during its final month of the year.

According to Bill Gregway, local weather observer, the average temperature for December was 29.4 degrees, which is only 0.3 degrees below the average for the month. December of 2006, in comparison, saw a much warmer 37 degree average temperature. The lowest temperature for the month was a frigid 8 degrees on Dec. 15, while the month’s high reached 48 degrees on Dec. 23. This was also the day in which the strongest winds were experienced, as gusts from the west were recorded at more than 40 miles per hour.

Precipitation for the month was slightly above average, at 4.98 inches for the month, with the greatest single-day recording coming at .84 inches on Dec.16. This was also the day in which the area had its largest recorded snowfall for the month, with 8.5 inches falling on that date. The 34.6 inches of total snowfall received during December was slightly above average, but again was a huge increase from the 13.9 inches that was seen in 2006. Gregway noted that the month was looking as though it would come in with a slightly below average number for snowfall until 4.7 inches hit on Dec. 31. A total of 35.4 inches of snow has fallen in the area thus far this winter, which is actually 7.6 inches below average.

The total precipitation for 2007 was 40.89 inches, which is more than two inches below the annual average for te area. Gregway credited the below average precipitation total for the year to the lengthy dry spells experienced throughout.

“It was a dryer than normal year, even though we did have some big months of precipitation in there,” he said.

The months of November and December were also reportedly cloudier than usual, with the sun shining only 10 percent of the time that it possibly could have. This figure is a 9 percent defecit for November and December.