Winter Hill Gang hitman to appear on '60 Minutes'

John P. Kelly

Former hit man John Martorano details his dirty work for the Winter Hill Gang in an upcoming ‘‘60 Minutes’’ show.

The CBS interview, scheduled to run Sunday night, is the first Martorano has granted since his release in March from federal prison after serving 12 years for a string of killings.

Martorano, a Milton native and former Quincy resident, received a reduced sentence for his cooperation in 1999 against underworld bosses James ‘‘Whitey’’ Bulger and Stephen ‘‘The Rifleman’’ Flemmi and corrupt FBI agents. He has admitted to 20 murders.

The former gangster, now 67, talks in the interview about killing Oklahoma businessman Roger Wheeler in 1981, allegedly on orders from Bulger and Flemmi, as well as other mob hits, according to a spokesman for the news program.

Martorano and ‘‘60 Minutes’’ correspondent Steve Kroft visit the Marshall Street garage in Somerville where the Winter Hill Gang was once headquartered.

A trap door in Bulger’s old office, which Martorano explains was kept open to intimidate people, is still there.

Martorano reportedly declined an offer to go into the witness protection program.

His brother, James M. Martorano, also a former Winter Hill gang member, lives in Quincy. The brothers were football co-captains for Milton High School in 1959.

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