Aubertine officially announces candidacy for Senate seat

Chris Gosek

A large crowd including many prominent local officials, supporters and family were on hand Saturday morning to cheer on the official announcement made by Darrel Aubertine, D-Cape Vincent, to seek the soon to be vacated 48th District Senate seat. Aubertine's announcement came at a press conference held at his new Oswego County Campaign Headquarters, located at 167 West First Street in downtown Oswego.

Following Aubertine being introduced to the enthusiastic group on hand by Oswego County Democratic Chairman, William Scriber and City of Oswego Mayor, Randy Bateman, he addressed the room , touching on several points which he felt made him the best candidate for the position.

Aubertine, who currently serves the 118th district as New York State Assemblymen, first gave his reasoning for seeking the Senate seat, stating, " I've talked to people who are worried about their jobs, their health care, their education and their property taxes. These people have told me they want to elect somebody who understands them and shares their concerns." His official announcement to run for the position which immediately followed these comments was met by a lengthy ovation from those on hand.

He continued on to say, "I am no stranger to hard work, and I plan to work hard for this. I promise that if I am elected, I will work hard for everyone. The other side is going to portray this as Albany politics, they will say that the state is watching this race and it could shift the balance of power in the capital. They will try to make this about issues that are important to other people in other parts of the state. But, this race isn't about people in Albany or Long Island, its about the problems that face us right here and the issues that are right in front of us here today."

Aubertine went on to speak about  the need to address problems being faced locally including the need for dredging at the Port of Oswego, the upcoming Bridge Street bridge reconstruction project and the possibilty of new student housing in the area, among others.

The press conference held in Oswego, was only the first of three that Aubertine was holding Saturday, as he was scheduled to make his announcement officially in both Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties, as well.

With Aubertine's announcement, the stage is now set for the special election to fill the 48th District Senate seat, which has still yet to have been given an official date. Will Barclay has already  been endorsed as the Republican party candidate that will oppose Aubertine in the historic election.

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