Lawyer: Drew Peterson received letter claiming Stacy sighting

Danya Hooker

Drew Peterson returned from vacation Sunday to find an anonymous letter claiming his missing wife Stacy is alive and in Kentucky.

“I was in a parking lot and saw your wife with another man,” the letter stated, according to Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky.

Brodsky said the letter is postmarked Dec. 29 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and speaks of a Nov. 18 encounter between the writer and Stacy Peterson in a mall parking lot in Florence, Ky., about 20 miles southwest of Cincinnati.

Brodsky said the writer claimed to have seen Stacy in the lot and recognized her from a picture in a newspaper.

“In early November, Stacy’s picture was probably in most newspapers,” Brodsky said.

Peterson, 23, was last seen Oct. 28. Her husband, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, has been named a suspect in her disappearance but has not been charged with a crime.

The writer claims to have confronted Peterson, who then said “please don’t ruin my life. Please, I just wan to be left alone.”

The writer claimed to have taken a picture of Peterson with a cell phone before she fled but did not send the photo.

“It would’ve been nice if (the writer) did,” Brodsky said.

The letter indicated the writer wished to remain anonymous due to the intense media coverage of Peterson’s disappearance.

“I’m afraid the press will victimize me,” the letter said.

Brodsky said the letter has been turned over the to Illinois State Police, although he’s unsure whether they’ll be able to track down the source.

“My hope is that this person will come forward and then we can verify the truth, or not, of this whole thing,” Brodsky said.

Calls to Illinois State Trooper Mark Dorencz were not returned Monday.

Brodsky said various people involved in the investigation receive calls, letters, and e-mails all the time from people claiming to have seen Stacy Peterson. Whether this particular one is for real, he’s not sure.

“I simply don’t know,” Brodsky said. “It’s certainly something I thought was unusual.”

The fact that the writer claimed to have actually spoken with Peterson and taken a picture of her led Brodsky to make the letter public in case there is any truth to the claim.

Calls to Stacy Peterson family spokeswoman Pamela Bosco were not returned Monday.

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