GateHouse newspaper's poll: Huckabee, Hillary top all candidates

David Schiefelbein

Readers responded to the opportunity to cast pre-primary votes, with more than 1,300 entries in our online “super-primary” Web poll.

Votes were not separated by political party, but rather were cast in a “cage match battle royale,” to steal a little world wrestling propaganda.

Online voting ran from Dec. 28 through Jan. 5.

Lake Sun readers picked republican Mike Huckabee with 21 percent (277 votes out of 1,351 cast) while Democrat Hillary Clinton was close behind with 18 percent (239 votes).

Huckabee’s momentum-gaining campaign and former preacher credentials apparently struck a chord with the conservative mood of Lake of the Ozarks residents and second-homeowners.

On the other side of the aisle, Clinton’s name recognition may be an indicator of how well the former first lady will fare come Super Tuesday, when voters from as many as 22 states will go to the polls or caucuses to select their preference in candidates. That number remains undetermined because some states have not made final decisions.

Second-tier candidates were bunched closely together behind the two Lake Sun frontrunners, led by “Law and Order” actor/Republican Fred Thompson at 11 percent (154). Democrat Barack Obama (136) and Republican John McCain (130) drew 10 percent, and Democrat John Edwards had 9 percent (118).

Republican Rudy Giuliani and Democrat Joe Biden each drew 103 votes, good for 8 percent each.

Big-spending Republican Mitt Romney drew 6 percent (84), while spendthift libertarian Republican Ron Paul had 5 percent (61).

Of the also-rans who are still on the ballot, Democrat Mike Gravel drew 1 percent with nine votes, Republican Duncan Hunter and Democrat Dennis Kucinich drew five votes each, and Democrat Bill Richardson had four votes.

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