Missing man found dismembered in Will County impound lot

Colleen McBrien

Lyons police confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the partially dismembered body found Monday night in an impound lot in Joliet Township is that of a missing Lyons man.

Will County Coroner Patrick O’Neil said the man, identified as Gerardo DeLatorre, died of multiple blunt force trauma.

Lyons Police Sergeant Michael Chapiesky said DeLatorre’s wife reported him missing Friday and said she had last spoken with him about 1 p.m. Wednesday.

“We put out missing persons posters and then on Tuesday it was found,” Chapiesky said. “The Will County Sheriff’s Department had recovered a body in unincorporated Joliet Township and the body has been identified as our missing person.”

O’Neil said DeLatorre’s body will be released to the family when they make funeral arrangements.

Will County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Pat Barry said the body was discovered after a Will County detective in charge of animal cruelty went to a Manhattan Township farm and discovered a Ford Navigator that was reported stolen. Auto theft personnel had the vehicle towed to Rendel’s towing lot at Illinois Highway 53 and Mills Road, Berry said.

“On Jan. 7, the manager or owners of Rendel’s was getting the vehicle ready because the insurance adjusters were getting ready to look (at it),” Berry said. “They noticed gas cans in the back and were able to open up the rear hatch of the Navigator (and found the body).”

The Ford Navigator was reported stolen Oct. 28 after a Joliet resident sold it to someone who paid with a phony check, Berry said. He said they don’t know where the vehicle has been between October and now.

“Right now the detectives are working the auto theft and Joliet and Lyons police, seeing if they can attempt to backtrack (DeLatorre) and discover who they were last with,” Berry said.

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