Some residents concerned about Green Line maintenance facility

S.H. Bagley

The state wants to create a 11.5-acre facility in Somerville to help maintain the new Green Line.

“It would chew up acres,” Chamber of Commerce President Steve Mackey said.

The Executive Office of Transportation wants to build the maintenance facility along extension into Somerville.

But at a Wednesday Green Line Extension Project Advisory Board meeting, Somerville residents on the board said the city doesn’t have enough space and the facility would bring more pollution to the city.

In response to residents’ concerns, members of the Executive Office of Transportation suggested locating the maintenance facility in an 8.4-acre Inner Belt space. Another space-saving alternative would be to build the new facility into the Commuter Rail garage at North Point, but board members did not know how much additional space that would require.

Somerville residents on the board also were concerned about environmental impacts.

Union Square Main Streets chair Mimi Graney, who sits on the board, said the maintenance facility would add to an already significant amount of pollution in Union Square.

“A great deal of the pollution caused in Union Square was caused by the MBTA,” she said.

EOT Project Manager Steve Woelfel insisted the facility would not bring pollution to the city. “We’re not talking about heavy environmental impacts,” he said.

But members of the committee remained unconvinced.

“It’s not like Somerville has any spare acres,” Graney said.