GateHouse News Service New England Budget • January 14, 2008

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MASS. PIKE MONEY - While reviewing the budget, the Turnpike Authority board discovered two $50,000-a-year advisory boards that they are paying for but didn't even know exist. A former Framingham town planner and a former Newton mayor chair the boards. Also the authority said there is only $4 million available for new capital projects on the eastern turnpike (MHS) but there are $49 million in needed projects including resurfacing roads and a new battery for the big dig tunnel ventilation system.

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SNOWJACKING - Woman in Framingham cleans snow off her car as it warms up, goes inside to get her 16-month-old, comes out to find man getting into her car. He sticks a handgun in her face and drives off with the car. Cops searching for him.

MetroWest, Miller, 10 inches, 6 p.m.

HULL TURBINES - Hull petitions the state to add 4 more wind turbines off the town's coast. This would mean a total of 6 such turbines in the small coastal town.

Ledger, Benner, 15 inches, 8 p.m.

'VERY FEMININE' MAN SNARED IN PROSTITUTION STING - Police busted a transsexual Somerville prostitute Saturday they say charged an undercover detective a $165 "donation" for the "full service." Clovis P. DeMoura, a man, was charged with prostitution for a fee after posting a ad in the "T4M" section that read, "Hi boys... today is my last day here! (Framingham!)" police said.

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NEW TRENDS SHOW MANY BRAZILIANS IN MASS. HAIL FROM GOIAS - For many years, scholars have studied Brazil's southeastern city of Governador Valadares as the main source of Brazilian immigrants to the United States, but work by a UMass-Amherst researcher may soon change that.

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MAKING IT EASIER FOR ADOPTEES TO FIND BIRTH PARENTS - Some adopted children will have an easier time tracking down their birth parents under a new Mass. law that took effect Jan. 1.

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MIT STAFFER ANSWERS SOCIAL NETWORKING CRAZE WITH 'ENEMYBOOK' - Running out of ways to message, poke or give gifts to your Facebook friends? Forget your friends, and start concentrating on your enemies. Thanks to Kevin Matulef, 28, Facebook users can now use the social networking Web site to keep track of their enemies just as easily as their friends.

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CLERKS SAY PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY DRAWING VOTER INTEREST - From voter registrations to absentee ballot requests, local election officials are seeing increased interest in the Feb. 5 state presidential primary election. Wednesday is the deadline to register to vote for the primary.

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PUBLIC TV SEES CHANGEOVER AS AN OPPORTUNITY - For public TV, the changeover to digital is an opportunity to expand its channel offerings and take the lead in a campaign to raise public awareness about the changes.

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MASS. MARKET: A ‘SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR’ TAKES ON HEALTHY FAST FOOD - George Naddaff says he once promised his wife that he would never try to run a big chain again after he left his job leading Boston Chicken. But the self-described ‘‘serial entrepreneur’’ couldn’t resist the temptation when he saw customers lining up at a little Watertown shop about four years ago.

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GRANLUND CARTOON – The extinct neighborhood shoveler

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GRANLUND CARTOON - New England Nor'easter

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GRANLUND CARTOON – Snow-removal budgets

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GUEST COLUMN: SAULNIER: SCREENING CHILDREN FOR MENTAL HEALTH MAKES SENSE - The recent decision requiring doctors to screen all children and young adults on Medicaid for mental illness is a landmark decision that makes sweeping changes in how we detect mental disorders. It also signals a major shift in perception. Mental health, long stigmatized and often ignored, is now clearly recognized - and rightly so - as a critical component of overall health.

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ADAIR: CIVIL RIGHTS, MLK ... THAT'S OLD NEWS - A new day is coming. America has buried its racist's past. Martin Luther King's dream "that one day my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" has arrived.Yeah! Let's throw a party.

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CAPE CURLERS NOT AFRAID TO THROW STONES - On a Saturday morning as Main Street is just waking up, activities are already in full swing right up the road at the Cape Cod Curling Club on Highfield Drive.

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