Team to offer ministry, aid despite unrest in Kenya

Todd G. Higdon

Despite the turmoil in Kenya, Della Freund is ready to go overseas.

Freund will join Team Kenya from LIfe Global Outreach Inc., a ministry that partners with indigenous churches to strengthen the local church and bring necessary aid to those in need.

An election dispute in Kenya has spurred rallies and protests, with more than 500 people killed in the resulting violence.

Freund said she hasn't been deterred by the turmoil.

“It has not affected me at all,” Freund said. “I know that we are supposed to go and do this, and God’s hand will be upon us and we will be protected and be safe. We have spoken to Bishop Simon Kanairu (who is in Kenya). He said things are dying down and everything is OK. He is not going to let us come over there and put us in harm's way.”

Freund said her family members are more concerned about the dangers of Kenya.

“They are looking out for my safety,” she said. “But it has not affected me really. My heart goes out to all of the people in the middle of all of that stuff. I have not been one bit nervous about it all. My faith in what God has done is a huge contributing factor.

“It is horrible, and I feel like, gosh, if we are over there, could we make a difference in these people’s lives,” Freund said. “These people do need prayer and help. I am glad to go over there and make a difference.”

While on the trip, the team will conduct a medical clinic in the village in which they are staying, as well as provide a mobile medical clinic in the area.

“But before the people are seen by a doctor or nurse or get a physical care, they will receive a gospel witness first. They will be prayed for and a chance to receive Jesus Christ in their heart if they want to," Freund said.

Freund said she thinks there will be thousands of people waiting in line for the clinic.

Phyllis Thomas, missionary evangelist and vice-president of Life Global Outreach Inc. , is a registered nurse and will head up the medical clinic. Country Care Pharmacy of Neosho, Mo., has donated a lot of the medical supplies.

Tony Thomas, missionary evangelist and president of Life Global Outreach Inc., will head up the Jesus Film/crusade as well as speak and pray for people.

The Thomases’ sons Grant, 12, and Joel, 10, will do a puppet show in Swahili and Kikuyu. Freund will also participate in the puppet show.

“I will be doing a lot of children’s ministry,” she said. “We are building a puppet theater and taking it with us. Having skits and puppets. We will leave them over there for them. Like the puppet, record skits on CDs in their languages and leave that and a CD player. They can use to minister to their children.”

The team is also doing a water well project.

“It is a pretty big thing for them,” Freund said. “They usually have to walk four miles to and fro to get water.”

Once completed, the well will supply clean, safe drinking water for hundreds daily.

“I would like to go on another trip, I don’t feel like this is the last one that I will do,” Freund said. “After I return, I am actually going to enroll in Crowder College for four years and going to become a schoolteacher, because that is what I feel God is leading me now.”

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