Wallets open for underdogs: Some on South Shore betting on longshot candidates

Tom Benner

They aren’t Hollywood celebrities. They aren’t party bigwigs. Some of them don’t even belong to a political party. They are suburbanites who have put their money where their political convictions are by donating to a candidate for president.

Linda Jacobs of Halifax gave $100 to Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

‘‘I was unemployed and collecting unemployment at the time, so it was a lot for me,’’ she said. ‘‘He’s basically not covered at all by the media, so the money went to help him get his message out as much as he can.’’

Some have given to candidates who have since dropped out of the race. Joan Kondracki, who listed herself on campaign finance forms as a homemaker from Hingham, ponied up $100 for Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas.

The conservative candidate ended his short-lived bid for the White House in October, saying: ‘‘We are out of money.’’

Kondracki doesn’t regret being among the few who gave to Brownback’s campaign.

‘‘It’s always good to do the right thing,’’ she said.

As of the end of September, former Gov. Mitt Romney had picked up the largest share of South Shore money. The Republican’s campaign received more than $202,000 from people living in the region. Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton came in second in South Shore fundraising with more than $108,000.

Rep. Ron Paul was far down the list of beneficiaries of regional giving. He had received just $4,100 from South Shore donors. But the anti-war civil libertarian from Texas has engendered strong feeling among his supporters here.

Edward Schoppe Jr. of Norton sent the long-shot Republican candidate $1,000.

‘‘I’d like to send him a lot more,’’ the retired electrical engineer said. ‘‘I don’t have an infinite amount of funds, and I’m not part of the Federal Reserve system.’’

Mark Venezia of Canton, an investment manager, gave Paul the maximum contribution allowed by law for the primary election cycle, $2,300. His 18-year-old son, Roger, a college student, campaigned for Paul in New Hampshire.

‘‘Ron Paul is the only candidate emphasizing the constitution and preservation of liberty in his campaign,’’ Venezia said.

Kucinich, who won less than 2 percent of the vote in last week’s New Hampshire primary, also got a $500 check from retired schoolteacher Patricia McSweeney of Taunton, who doesn’t mind his underdog status.

‘‘I feel I’m standing with the good guys,’’ McSweeney explained. ‘‘I’m standing on the shoulders of a lot of people who came before me, who stood for principles and justice.’’

McSweeney, an unenrolled voter who has cast her ballot for politicians ranging from Republican Dwight Eisenhower to independent Ralph Nader, doesn’t see much difference between Republicans and Democrats. She likes Kucinich, she said, because he speaks the truth.

‘‘He’s the most substantive and courageous of all the candidates,’’ she said. ‘‘He and Ron Paul, they tell the American people what the American people should know.’’

Roseanne McMorris of Cohasset gave $2,300 to Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden. When Biden pulled out of the race following a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, McMorris wrote a $1,000 check to New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, and campaigned for her in New Hampshire.

‘‘I’m interested in seeing a Democrat in the White House,’’ McMorris said. ‘‘This election is important to people’s lives.’’

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South Shore donors to the presidential candidates

The following South Shore residents gave $1,000 or more to a candidate for president as of the end of September, according to the Federal Election Commission. Individuals are allowed to donate up to $2,300 per candidate for both the primary and general elections, for a total of $4,600. If a candidate does not make it into the general election, he or she must refund donors who have contributed more than $2,300.

Candidates with an asterisk next to their names have dropped out of the race.

For complete lists of local donors, click here .

Sen. Joseph Biden*

$4,600 - Kathleen Stern, Sharon.

$2,500 - Allan Stern, Sharon.

$2,300 - Robert Byrne Jr., Milton; Gerard Hickey, Hanover; Roseanne McMorris, Cohasset; Joseph Prendergast, Canton.

$2,100 - Kevin Leary, Milton; Maureen Sheehan, Hingham; Michael Sheehan, Hingham.

$2,000 - Garrett Bradley, Hingham.

$1,500 - Bill Adamski, Duxbury.

$1,000 - Neal Finnegan, Cohasset; Robert Griffin, Hingham; Michael Joyce, Hingham; Edward Mather, Cohasset; Paul O’Sullivan, Norwell; Nancy Ryan, Plymouth; Dennis Smith, Milton; Michael Vitali, Quincy; John Walsh Jr., Braintree.

Sen. Sam Brownback*

$1,000 - George Noonan Jr., Hingham; David Quinlan, Cohasset.

Sen. Hillary Clinton

$4,600 - John Deady, Weymouth; Cynthia Fish, Milton; John Fish, Milton; Michaela Gouveia, Milton; Jeffrey Gouveia Jr., Milton; Shelley Hoon, Milton; John Keith, Milton; Robert McMahan, Quincy; Mary O’Neill, Quincy; Judith Stuart, Norwell.

$4,000 - Jay Cashman, Quincy; Nancy Murphy, Quincy; Dennis Smith, Milton.

$3,300 - John Drew, Hingham; Chris Rifkin, Hingham.

$2,700 - Barry Hume, Milton.

$2,300 - Francesco Robert Di, Canton; Kathleen Drew, Hingham; Steven Keady, Canton; Karen Murphy, Cohasset; Robert Murphy, Cohasset; Emily Smith-Lee, Sharon; Steven Tyler, Stoughton.

$2,000 - John Dahlquist Jr., Quincy; Brian Danilecki, Quincy; Donald Dickinson, Braintree; David Duval, Quincy; Katherine Hesse, Milton; Sissy Kelley, Milton; William Kelly, Milton; Kathleen McDonald, Milton; Loretta McLaughlin, Milton; Siobhan O’Mahony, Braintree; Allan Smith, Milton; Danle Velasquez, Quincy.

$1,100 - Brian Ganson, Quincy.

$1,000 - Michael Cope, Sharon; Maria Dwyer, Scituate; Elaine Epstein, Sharon; Enrico Gilberti, Scituate; George Gormley, Hingham; Marina Grossi, Hingham; Khristian Hawver-Scott, Hingham; Kevin McGrath, Quincy; Arthur Murphy, Quincy; Clare O’Callaghan, Weymouth; Catherine Phillips, Norwell; Mitchell Rabkin, Milton; Mark Routhier, Quincy; Erin Twomey, Quincy; Feng Xie, Hingham.

Sen. Christopher Dodd*

$2,300 - William Fitzgerald, Milton; John Keith, Milton; Kathleen Kenney, Marshfield.

$2,000 - Douglas Donahue Jr., Norwell; A. Fontanes, Hingham; Allan Mullane, Quincy.

$1,000 - Gary Gregg, Milton; Gary Ostrow, Sharon; William Ryan, Weymouth; Robert Sheridan, Hingham.

John Edwards

$2,500 - David McMorris, Cohasset.

$2,300 - Stephen Brake, Norwell.

$2,000 - Kevin Kelley, Norwell.

$1,000 - Turner Bledsoe, Hingham; Nathan McKalvey, Hingham.

Rudolph Giuliani

$2,300 - William Burns, Randolph; William Calapa, Plymouth; Andrea Camiolo, Canton; Ernest Decristofaro, Plymouth; Paul Edward Noble Jr., Hingham; Annmarie Evans, Weymouth; Francis Fabrizio, Hingham; Bonnie Fallon, Milton; Frederick Fallon, Milton; Jeffrey Fallon, Quincy; Kelly Fallon, Quincy; Maureen Fitzgerald, Milton; Patrick Fitzgerald, Milton; James Fitzgerald, Scituate; Patricia Follansbee, Hingham; Stephen Follansbee, Hingham; Robert Griffin Jr., Hingham; Claire Harden, Scituate; William Harden, Scituate; Anne Noble, Hingham; John Noble, Weymouth; Josephine Noble, Weymouth; Kathleen Noble Rogers, Weymouth; Cathleen O’Sullivan, Duxbury; Daniel Pittenger, Duxbury; Kenneth Rogers, Weymouth; Pamela Rugnetta, Rockland; Philip Rugnetta, Rockland; Emmett Seehan, Duxbury; Susanna Seehan, Duxbury.

$2,100 - Michael McDonald, Braintree; Mike McDonald, Milton; John Muller, Quincy; Adam Whitman, Pembroke.

$1,000 - Kevin Barry, Duxbury; Frank Casal, Duxbury; John Cavoores, Hingham; John Hughes, Milton; Michael Peterson, Hanover.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich

$1,025 - Leona Benoit, Stoughton.

Sen. John McCain

$2,300 - Neal Costello, Marshfield; Priscilla Dewey Houghton, Cohasset; Thomas Flatley, Braintree; Glenn Gistis, Duxbury; Mary Gistis, Duxbury; Christopher Gistis, Hanover; Lindsay Gistis, Hanover; Stephen Jones, Norwell; Stephen Levangie, Marshfield; Catherine Malone, Milton; Peter Malone, Milton; Nancy Moskowitz, Halifax; Robb Moskowitz, Halifax; Thomas O’Connor Jr., Canton; A.J. Pappalardo, Hingham; Karen Pappalardo, Hingham; Vcevold Strekalovsky, Hingham; Mark Wenham, Duxbury.

$2,000 - William Synan, Plymouth.

$1,350 - Bradford Tripp, Hingham.

$1,250 - Annette Rountree, Plymouth; Gary Rountree, Plymouth.

$1,000 - Donna Camiolo, Canton; Brian Driscoll, Norwell; Jonathan Glanz, Sharon; S. Hajjar, Quincy; Anne Malone, Milton; Joseph Mcdonald, Kingston; Jeffry Morrison, Cohasset; William Riegel, Duxbury; John Vlaco, Brockton.

Sen. Barack Obama

$2,350 - William Cowan, Stoughton; Alyson Allen, Milton; John Babich, Quincy; Michael Carmen, Sharon; Kristan Dean, Weymouth; Brian Dinneen, Duxbury; Philip Edmundson, Hingham; John Flannery, Scituate; Richard Fownes, Duxbury; Sharon Fownes, Duxbury; Lena Goldberg, Cohasset; Ronald Goldberg, Cohasset; Barbara Lemperly Grant, Milton; Elizabeth Lizardo, Plymouth; Andrew Marconi, Norwell; Robert Murphy, Cohasset; Marc Murphy, Quincy; Christina North, Pembroke; Cynthia Reed, Duxbury; John Reed, Duxbury; Chris Rifkin, Hingham; Joseph Stanganelli, Cohasset; Raymond Tye, Braintree.

$2,100 - Pamela Lederer, Sharon.

$2,000 - Christopher McKown, Milton.

$1,225 - Pamela Murphy, Quincy.

$1,025 - Richard Wainwright, Scituate.

$1,000 - Roy Bates, Canton; Elizabeth Conahan, Milton; Michael Connolly, Milton; John Forger, Canton; Michael Groden, Scituate; Patrick Lee, Milton; Lisa Lopez, Canton; Michaela McSheffrey, Hingham; Amanda Strong, Milton; Tom Sullivan, Cohasset; Anya Tatum, Cohasset; George Veth, Hingham; Damian Wilmot, Randolph.

Rep. Ron Paul

$2,300 - Mark Venezia, Canton.

Gov. Bill Richardson*

$2,300 - John Buckley, Hingham; Mari Claire Buckley, Hingham; Robert Littlehale, Norwell; Kevin Moehlenkamp, Hingham; Michael Sheehan, Hingham; Maureen Sheehan, Norwell; Michael Sheehan, Norwell.

$2,000 - Donald Steele, Cohasset.

$1,500 - James French, Cohasset; Larry Gulko, Sharon; James Ricciardi, Sharon; Kevin Walsh, Marshfield.

$1,000 - Patrick Barrett, Pembroke; Kurt Schulte, Randolph; Baba Shetty, Hingham.

Mitt Romney

$4,400 - John O’ Malley, Milton.

$2,350 - Kimberly Benjaminsen, Abington.

$2,300 - Tom Bullock, Marshfield; Richard Corner, Canton; James Dewitt, Hanover; Richard Dubois, Hingham; Steven Elterich, Canton; Ed Fish, Braintree; Dean Fisher, Duxbury; A. Alexander Fontanes, Hingham; Lena Genello Goldberg, Cohasset; Elizabeth Goode, Hingham; Jeffrey Gouveia Jr., Milton; Gary Gregg, Milton; Karen Hale, Hingham; Robert Hale Jr., Hingham; Jeffrey Hurst, Milton; Brian Kelley, Milton; Matthew Lebretton, Kingston; Lisa Lord, Braintree; James Macallen, Hingham; Martin McCormack, Marshfield; Richard McLaughlin, Quincy; Harry Nash III, Canton; Paul Newton, Canton; Margaret O’Connor, Norwell; Stephen O’Connor, Norwell; Nancy O’Neill, Duxbury; Thomas O’Neill, Duxbury; Ken Rhoads, Quincy; Rebecca Rhoads, Quincy; Robert Riley, Cohasset; Steve Smith, Braintree; Shawn Sullivan, Scituate; A. Raymond Tye, Braintree; Eileen Tye, Braintree; Richard Vitaro, Pembroke; Catherine White, Duxbury; John White, Duxbury.

$2,200 - Mark Kelly, Quincy; Nancy Kelly, Quincy; Scott Kelly, Quincy; Thomas Kelly III, Quincy.

$2,100 - Robert Asmar, Scituate; Anne Barry, Holbrook; Marilyn Barry, Holbrook; J. Leo Barry, Norwell; Lillian Barry, Norwell; David Bloom, Sharon; Janet Bloom, Sharon; Aaron Bluhm, Canton; Richard Campbell, Cohasset; John Deady, Weymouth; Jodi Fantucchio, Stoughton; Anthony Fiotto, Hingham; Cynthia Fish, Milton; John Fish, Milton; Karen Gregg, Milton; Christopher Knight, Scituate; Julie Kraunelis, Quincy; John Larsen, Hingham; Nancy Larsen, Hingham; Kevin Martin, Braintree; Paul Morris, Weymouth; April Morrisey, Holbrook; Paul Mowbray, Hanover.

$2,000 - Edward Lubitz, Cohasset; Timothy Manning, Duxbury; John Marani, Rockland.

$1,903 - Mimi Sundstrom, Milton.

$1,500 - Christopher Goode, Hingham; Peter Tache, Plymouth.

$1,050 - Keith Mulkern, Weymouth.

$1,000 - John Burke, Milton; Marie Elliott, Stoughton; Enrico Gilberti, Scituate; Amanda Gunniss, Sharon; John Iredale, Quincy; Erik Judge, Hanover; James Judge, Hanover; Lee Kennedy, Duxbury; Kathleen Kennedy, Milton; Terrence Kennedy, Milton; George Khouri, Sharon; Donna Koplovsky, Hanover; Michael Lynch, Scituate; Kevin Martin Jr., Milton; Walter McCabe, Braintree; Michael Munson, Duxbury; Leonard Nannarone, Scituate; Lawrence O’Toole, Hingham; Richard Quinlan, Hingham; Ronald Robertson Jr., Sharon; Ellen Roy, Hingham; John Shaughnessy, Milton; Timothy Shoyer, Hingham; Jeffrey Ulich, Duxbury; Mark Woodford, Braintree; Horacio Zimon, Duxbury.

Fred Thompson

$1,200 - Leland Jenkins, Cohasset.

$1,000 - Hank Dondero, Quincy.

Source: Federal Election Commission