Pilot OK after hard landing at Norwood Airport

Robert Sears

The pilot of a single-engine plane walked away unhurt today after making an emergency landing at Norwood Airport.

Douglas Weir, 46, of New York City, lost power at an altitude of about 400 feet after taking off at about 2 p.m. in his four-seat 1979 Grumman Tiger.

Len Carroll of Quincy, operation manager of airport, said Weir glided back to the runway, but lost control when one of the wings hit a snowbank when he was within five feet of the ground. The plane veered off the runway.

"He knew what he was doing," Carroll said. "He's an experienced, seasoned pilot. He did a good job."

Carroll said damage to the plane appeared to be minor.

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate.

The Patriot Ledger