For some fans, watching AFC Championship is complicated

Peter Reuell

Markian and Sheila Stecyk both plan on being home tomorrow to watch the Patriots take on the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship game. They just don't plan on watching the game together.

As is tradition in their Marlborough, Mass., home, the couple will both watch the game, but in separate rooms.

The separation, Markian explained yesterday, is necessary.

"We never watch the game together," he said. "She gets worked up, she's noisy, and I get tense, I get tense."

"We'll have two TVs going," Sheila agreed. "One upstairs and one in the basement."

Watching the game separately isn't the only superstition in the house, though.

Markian yesterday said he also needs to make sure he's positioned in a special spot on the couch.

"I hate to say it, but...if I sit there, they always seem to score," he said. "It actually started with the Red Sox. What are we, 17-and-0 now? It seems to be working."

The couple had the chance to buy tickets to this weekend's game but turned them down after hearing about the weather.

Most fans at Shoppers World on Friday said they planned smaller get-togethers with friends for the game, but several said pre-game superstitions were in the air.

"I'm a little superstitious," Framingham, Mass., resident Andrea Glass said. "I'm watching the game with the same person I've watched the games with all season, but we're going to a different place this weekend."

Glass said she plans to watch the game with her roommate at her roommate's sister's house, and hopes her change of venue won't affect the outcome.

"I'm not too nervous," she said. "I'm pretty confident, but not overconfident."

By way of some superstition insurance, Glass said she plans to wear one of her three Patriots T-shirts, but hasn't decided which one.

Sports Authority employee Nelson Roque, though, said his plans simply involve enjoying the game with friends.

"It's nothing really crazy," he said. "A bunch of friends will get together and watch it on the big screen. We'll throw back a couple of cold ones and watch the game."

Sudbury, Mass., resident Mike Watts said he was keeping his fingers crossed the weather would cooperate enough to allow him to watch the game.

"I'm actually taking my kids skiing," he said. "I'm hoping and praying it's about 4 degrees on Sunday, so they quit early and we can watch the game."

"I'm probably going to a party (at my friend's house in Brookline,)" Wellesley, Mass., resident Cindy Brown said. "It's been a tradition since they won the Super Bowl in '02.

"They have a big-screen TV, and it's really only for people who are true fans. You have to watch the game."

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