Rockford police write 89 tickets in special patrol

Staff reports

Rockford police wrote 89 tickets during a sting that targeted speeding drivers, according to statistics released Tuesday.

The patrols were conducted Friday through Monday in the 1900 block of East State Street and the 4600 block of Newburg Road.

Among the 89 citations, there were 72 for speeding; 11 for insurance violations; two for diver’s license violations; two for registration violations; one equipment violation; and one other moving violation.

The sting was part of a larger enforcement effort by Rockford officers who, this month and in February, are scouting for speeders, drunken drivers, drivers who follow too closely, and drivers who don’t wear seat belts, among other offenses.

Among the series of patrols are some roadside-safety checks, in which officers barricade a stretch of road and check drivers for various violations.

Police officials aren’t saying where the stings will be, only that they hope to create “public awareness” of the enforcement effort.

“These strategies are used to promote traffic safety and reduce crashes,” Sgt. Dane Person wrote in a statement.

Rockford Register Star