Matt Trowbridge: GM not reason Packers winning

Matt Trowbridge

A rejuvenated Brett Favre makes the Packers look almost Super. Just think if GM Ted Thompson had listened to Favre and traded for Randy Moss. Patriots coach Bill Belichick calls Moss the smartest receiver he’s ever seen. Thompson considered Moss a troublemaker. Belichick says Moss has been well-liked by his teammates wherever he’s played.

Not taking Moss, and drafting Aaron Rodgers, might be the two moves that keep Green Bay out of the Super Bowl. At this rate, Rodgers will retire before Favre. Yet Thompson was in such a hurry to draft a successor he passed on needs at both lines, tight end and cornerback.

Six of the eight picks immediately after Rodgers in 2005 have started for at least two years for playoff teams at those positions: Steelers tight end Heath Miller, Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson, Patriots guard Logan Mankins, Seahawks center Chris Spence and defensive tackles Luis Castillo of the Chargers and Mike Patterson of the Eagles.

LSU deserves BCS title shot

The Big Ten often gets underrated. Not this year. Big Ten football has never been worse. Yet Ohio State seems bound for the BCS title game. That’s fine if the Buckeyes get chosen over Kansas or Arizona State; those three unbeatens have yet to play a Top 20 team. But it would be a flat-out crime to leave out LSU if the Tigers don’t lose again. LSU, despite one loss, should be ranked No. 1; the SEC leader has played five teams ranked No. 17 or higher.

Revisiting Angelo’s 2005 draft

Jerry Angelo picked Cedric Benson No. 4 overall in 2005 when he already had Thomas Jones, who ran for 2,500 yards the next two years. The choice wasn‘t as bad as most people think; most of the picks taken shortly after Benson were busts, including serial troublemaker Pacman Jones, and stone-handed receivers Troy Williamson and Mike Williams.

NCAA should stop age tricks

If Quick Shots rips Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen because his parents twice held him back a grade, we’ve got to do the same for Ohio State. Coach Jim Tressel "gray-shirted" quarterback Todd Boeckman by getting him to wait until January to enroll as a freshman; he’s now a 23-year-old senior in his sixth year at OSU.

The NCAA should stop "gray-shirting" and holding kids back in middle and elementary school for sports reasons by starting their eligibility clock at the time they should have started college. That means players like Clausen who turn 19 before Sept. 1 of their first season would begin as juniors, not freshmen.

White Sox plan flawed strategy

Ozzie Guillen says the 2008 White Sox will bunt more and hit-and-run more, even doing so in nontraditional situations. He’s going to fix the team with the lowest on-base percentage in baseball by having them give away even more outs.

Patriots too good for Colts

Patriots-Colts sounds like the best regular-season NFL game ever. The first meeting between two undefeated teams with at least seven wins is just a small part of it. Also, the Colts are the defending Super Bowl champion, while the Patriots have won three recent Super Bowls and look more dominant than the 1985 Bears. The problem is, the Patriots are too good. Expect them to roll over Indianapolis, too.

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