Hollywood East? Creating a giant

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Here’s how Plymouth Rock Studios would compare to others outside of Hollywood

Plymouth Rock Studios

Plymouth, Mass.

14 sound stages

1 million square feet of studio, office and other space

405,000 square feet “village center” with restaurants, shops and housing.

$300 million, estimated cost

10-plus acre back lot

Silvercup Studios

Queens, New York

19 sound stages

209,750 square feet of studio space

No accompanying lifestyle center

Kaufman Astoria Studios

Queens, New York

6 sound stages

65,268 square feet of studio space

60,000 square feet of accompanying office and retail space

Studios at Las Colinas

Irving, Texas

3 sound stages, 1 insert stage

172,000 square feet including studio and office space

Part of a 12,000 acre planned community with restaurants, shops, business and living space

Universal Studios

Orlando, Fla.

9 sound stages

133,280 square feet of studio space

Includes a 444-acre backlot