These Missourians rock

Rebecca Haines

Four young men, ages ranging from 21 to 29, are putting their name out into the entertainment world as MotionSensor.

All four originate from the Neosho and Seneca area, all having ties to local performances. The band consists of Dakota Cholka on the bass guitar, Phil Burkhart on guitar, Damon Embrey, or “B-Bob,” on the drums, and the leader Tyler Burkhart as the lead singer and keyboardist. Tyler said when writing songs, his fellow members will write out the structure, and he’ll add the melodies and lyrics.

“(Our music is) about all kinds of things, problems, goals and life,” Tyler said. “We try to add a poetic twist, you know, nothing too obvious. I like to let people make their own interpretation. It’s hard rock with a funky, pretty twist.”

This band as been together for more than a year, and is the product of two other bands joining forces. Phil said before playing guitar for MotionSensor, he played the drums for One Track Mind. Performing for the local area allows the individuals something special not everyone experiences.

“It’s a chance to express yourself,” said Embrey. “Let people know what you have to say.”

“Or what you don’t have to say,” added Phil.

“There’s not a whole lot to not enjoy,” Embrey said.

Setting up for a show takes 30-45 minutes, but the stage isn’t all the performers have to worry about. Tyler said all it takes is to “just relax.” However, Phil has a unique way of doing that.

“I eat a can of tuna fish,” he said. “I’m not joking. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just eat it right from the can.”

Once a month, MotionSensor performs at Jim’s Bar & Grill in Carthage. The crowds haven’t been flowing like the melodies from Tyler’s keyboard, but the band members said people come with the warmer temperatures.

“They always get into it,” Tyler said of the local listeners.

Tyler continued to say his and his other members’ dreams won’t happen in any local pub. Someday, MotionSensor hopes to make the big time. The band is currently working on performing in St. Louis and into the Arkansas area. Last summer, the band recorded an album, called “Nights and Days.”

The band’s manager, Shawn Hency, has confidence in each performer. When he first heard their CD, he thought to himself “Now that’s something else.” He said he has heard local bands play and has attended many battle of the bands, but MotionSensor stands out in the crowd.

“We can defiantly make something happen and help them spread their wings,” Hency said.  “I’ve heard a lot of stuff, but I know what it takes to make it. These guys are definitely dedicated. It took my attention for sure.”

With two brothers in the band, Tyler and Phil, Tyler said there’s the occasional brotherly butting heads, but not too bad.

“We grew up with the same beat – same inner growth,” Tyler said. “Our parents are very proud. I think they’d prefer we play country, but they’re happy we’re performing.”

For booking, call Shawn Hency, at (417) 622-9951. For more information, show listings, pictures or videos, MotionSensor (or through Tyler Burkhart) can be found on MySpace.

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