Police chase, arrest man suspected in double shooting

Charlie Breitrose and Dan McDonald

As officers tracked a man believed to be involved in a double shooting in Webster, Mass., residents along the Northborough-Berlin town line stayed inside this afternoon, hearing helicopters buzz overhead and seeing police cars rolling back and forth.

Police eventually subdued and arrested William Goddard, 38, of Parsons Hill Road, Worcester, in Berlin, District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. said.

State police with search dogs combed a wooded area straddling the Northborough-Berlin line, near the MWRA aqueduct and not far from Solomon Pond Mall.

Authorities say Goddard led police on a chase around the Worcester area after shooting two people, killing one, at Action Crash Parts, an auto parts store on Railroad Avenue in Webster.

Kelly Brackley, 30, of 72 Walsh Ave., Auburn, was killed in the shooting, which occurred at about 9:30 a.m., Early said. Goddard and Brackley, a mother of five, had previously been in a relationship, Early said. Goddard was not the father of any of the children, Early said.

The other shooting victim was Yograj Shivosani, 25, who worked at the auto parts store. His last known address was in Providence, R.I.

Shivosani suffered a wound in the upper left arm that was not life-threatening, Early said.

After fleeing Webster, Goddard drove to Spencer, where he switched vehicles before going to Worcester. From there, Goddard got a ride to Berlin and was dropped off at 3 Alden Drive, Early said.

For an hour, Goddard had police in a standoff on the property at 80 Jones Road, Berlin. Early said Goddard fired at least one shot at a State Police helicopter.

Police closed in on Goddard in the woods near Pleasant Street in Berlin, and he was subdued by police who fired a non-lethal beanbag pellet out of a 12-gauge shotgun, Early said.

During the standoff, Northborough Police and State Police formed a perimeter around the area of Whitney Street and Coolidge Circle in Northborough, just over the Berlin line and near Solomon Pond Road.

At about 3 p.m., Coolidge Circle resident Bob Rosenberg said he spotted police patrolling his street.

"For a time, there were three patrol cars and they always had one another within sight," Rosenberg said. "They really had a perimeter set up."

At about 4 p.m., three police cars sat at the end of Coolidge Circle. One of the officers had a large rifle.

Kim Faulconer, who lives half a block from the end of Coolidge Circle, called police after seeing the commotion. "They said they had (Goddard) in sight," said Faulconer, who was home with her 2-year-old daughter Jaclyn.

At 4 p.m, when Goddard had not yet been captured, Faulconer said she felt uneasy. "It does make me nervous," Faulconer said. "It is just me at home with my daughter."

Rosenberg said police searched the area near the aqueduct, just behind his home.

"I went down and made sure the cellar bulkhead was locked," Rosenberg said.

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