Hornell police sgt. charged with DWI suspended with pay

Bob Clark

The Hornell police officer who was charged with drunk driving Friday has been placed on administrative leave, according to Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan.

An administrative review will be conducted at some point in the near future, Hogan said, to determine the status of Police Sgt. Mark G. Mahoney.

“He has been suspended pending an administrative review,” Hogan said Monday, adding Mahoney’s suspension is with pay. “I have not talked to Sgt. Mahoney, and the chief had a brief discussion with him this morning,”

“I will brief the Board of Public Safety,” he added.

Hogan did not have a date scheduled to meet with the board set as of Monday.

“His paid status could change,” he added.

Mahoney was charged with driving while intoxicated when police found him unconscious in his parked vehicle in the southbound lane of Maple City Drive Friday night, according to Murray.

“We got a call shortly after 11 p.m. from a motorist that there was a car on Maple City Drive near Adsit Street stopped in the middle of the lane with a person that appeared to be unconscious behind the wheel,” Murray said Saturday.

Two Hornell police officers arrived on the scene to check on the driver, who they identified as Mahoney, who they said was inebriated.

Mahoney was transported to St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell for treatment for alcohol poisoning, Murray said. Mahoney was issued an appearance ticket and released to a family member.

There is no official word yet, however, as to where Mahoney had been Friday or where he was going, according to Murray, and blood alcohol content test results are not back from the lab at St. James yet.

“That’s not even available to us at this point,” he said.

According to Murray, Mahoney may be checking into a rehabilitation program.

“He told me he was going to make some arrangements in regards to that, but I don’t know (if he did),” he said.

Mahoney first put on his Hornell Police Department badge May 6, 1983. He established the Hornell Police K-9 Unit in 1984 and is the president of the Maple City Police Club. He previously served as a deputy in the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office.

This is the first time in recent memory Hornell police have charged a fellow officer with drunk driving, according to Hogan and Murray.

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