Wrigley rooftops: Clear view will be obstructed soon, team says

The Associated Press

CHICAGO — There weren’t visual obstructions at Wrigley Field Monday to block the view from a pair of rooftop clubs whose owner has refused to share 17 percent of his profits with the team.

But if Tom Gramatis hasn’t paid up by the time the Cubs return home April 15, team officials say the obstructions will be installed.

Cubs vice president Mike Lufrano says the team hope it won’t have to do that. But he says it’s unfair to other rooftop partners to let one rooftop get away without paying.

Gramatis could not be reached for comment.

Four years ago, the Cubs and the rooftop owners struck a deal after an acrimonious dispute that saw the team put up wind screens to obscure their views.

Rooftop owners agreed to pay the Cubs 17 percent of their gross revenues for the next 20 years.