A new show about 'Elections and Erections'

Alexander Stevens

Monologist Pieter-Dirk Uys is on the phone from San Francisco, promising that his new show, “Elections & Erection,” isn’t about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Well, maybe it is. A little bit. But that’s not where he got the title.

Uys, who performed his show “Foreign Aids” at Zero Arrow Theatre in Cambridge in 2005, just opened his latest show at the same theater, where it runs through May 4. The material is new, but some of the themes are similar. Apartheid is gone in Uys’ native South Africa, but now the country is dealing with apartheid’s ugly stepchild — discrimination. That’s one of the subjects he tackles in his new show, along with his ongoing battle to educate people about AIDS in South Africa. And when he talks about politics and the upcoming elections in South Africa, it may remind Cambridge audiences of the United States.