Could a nanotech company choose Marcy?

Elizabeth Cooper

A Mohawk Valley Community College economics professor said technology companies might be reluctant to sink millions of dollars into a local manufacturing site when the nation’s economic outlook is so gloomy. 

“If we are holding our breath in terms of attracting a Dell, or AMD, or Intel or HP to set up operations here, I don’t think we have a chance,” Arthur Friedberg said, referring to several large technology companies. 

And, he said, any advantages from a declining dollar might be offset by far cheaper production costs overseas. 

“If you look already at anything to do with electronics, it’s heavily manufactured in Asia or Mexico, or countries where wage costs tend to be lower, because there is a lot of assembly involved in this kind of technology,” he said. 

But Mohawk Valley EDGE President Steve DiMeo said Friedberg was wrong about the area’s prospects. 

“The industry is investing in the U.S. for a number of reasons,” he said. 

Those include intellectual property protections and synergy with other research companies and academic institutions. 

DiMeo said his staff has been aggressively marketing the SUNYIT site in Marcy to nanotech companies worldwide.