Four arraigned for disrupting peace festival in Weymouth school

Jack Encarnacao

Four people were arraigned in court Monday on trespassing, disorderly conduct and assault charges after police say they disrupted a Native American peace ceremony Friday night at a middle school in Weymouth.

Hartman Deetz, 31, of Mashpee, Dylan Lach, 22, of Sagamore, Melanie Deetz, 29, of Mashpee and Nicole Lach, 21, of Pocasset, all pleaded innocent to the charges in Quincy District Court.

The group were part of a disruption of a “Grandmother Drum Gathering for Peace” held at the school Friday night. The ceremony centers on a large Native American drum that is meant to represent the beating heart of all humanity. The event featured beating of the drum and meditation.

But police said the foursome began to protest the event loudly at one point, questioning the authenticity of the ceremony.

Organizers called for a police officer to have them removed, and a struggle ensued with the officer and some members of the 150-person audience. Pepper spray was fired, and one man, Hartman Deetz, is charged with trying to damage the drum with a walking stick.

No one was injured. A female officer working a detail at the event reported some hand discomfort but was not medically treated.

All four suspects were ordered by the court to stay away from the Chapman Middle School.