Belinda Larsen: I ironed while Kansas pressed

Belinda Larsen

I don’t like to iron clothes. I can think of a zillion things I’d rather do with my time. But by Monday evening there was nothing left in my closet that needed de-wrinkled. I’m good for quite awhile. 

The Jayhawk’s Saturday game against Roy Williams and his team was so exciting that I couldn’t just sit and watch. I had to do something. That’s when I grabbed the iron. 

And there was nothing left to iron by the time Monday night’s championship game arrived. And what a glorious game it was!

Per my usual habit, I muted the TV announcers and got my play-by-play report from the radio. I sat calmly through most of the first half ... no need to worry yet, right? By mid-way second half, I was wondering if I should run next door and ask if they needed any clothes ironed. I was itching to get that ironing board out one more time; I couldn’t  handle the intensity.

Like a lot of KU fans, near the end of the second half, I was telling myself that the Hawks played very well and the important thing was they had a great season, awesome tournament games -- and were able to beat North Carolina, yada yada yada ... then it happened. 

After all these years of having super talented Dream Teams and getting so close several times. ...

Trailing 60-51 with 2:12 left in regulation, the Jayhawks mounted a comeback when Mario (we’re on first-name basis) hit a game-tying three-pointer with 2.1 seconds left in regulation to send the game to overtime. This was basketball at its finest. I truly believe a roar arose from Kansas when we all heard that ball swish through the hoop. There is no other sound like it.

With five more minutes to play  and excitement building, I had to do something. That’s when I decided it would be OK to iron something more than once. Problem solved. 

With iron in hand, I watched the Hawks own the rest of the game.

KU basketball is finished for this season. Some of us will be talking about the title game for a long time and all of us will be looking forward to next season.

Wonder if I could save all my ironing until next March?

Augusta Gazette