Abiomed developing second-generation artificial heart

Cathryn Keefe O’Hare

Forty or so people who attended a recent North Shore Technology Council meeting actually held a heart in their hands.

Of course, it was an artificial heart, the Abiocor, manufactured by Abiomed in Danvers and recently approved for sale.

“It’s sort of an historic moment,” said Scott Corbett about the approval won just weeks ago.

He’s the technical leader for the Abiocor and the Abiocor II hearts, and yes, the company is already in pre-clinical trials for a smaller and what they hope will be a more reliable artificial heart, said Corbett.

“Our job is to make it better and better and better,” he told the audience during the lunchtime meeting at the Cummings Center in Beverly.

This was billed as a First Friday Bioscience Seminar. The chairman of the Biomedical Sector of the technology council is Dr. Martha Farmer, who lives in Hamilton and is intent on fostering the scientific community that exists on the North Shore.

“We want to grow this area as another (science and technology) center,” she said, noting that many would rather not travel to Cambridge for their jobs.