Not everyone was happy to see DiMasi

Will Richmond

Holding signs and chanting, protestors let House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi know they aren’t happy with his decisions.

About 50 people gathered on the sidewalk across from the entrance to White’s of Westport in preparation for DiMasi’s first visit to the region as the speaker of the house.

With them, they brought messages of their disappointment in DiMasi’s actions to stop development in casinos in the Bay State, as well as his move to place language in a 2005 bill that could have potentially killed plans to site a liquefied natural gas terminal in Fall River.

Justin Chabot of Fall River said he was there to raise awareness about everything DiMasi has done to oppose problems around the city and make sure he knows LNG is a bad idea.

“We’ve stood up against LNG before, and we’re going to continue to do it,” Chabot said.

Chabot also said he couldn’t understand DiMasi’s opposition to Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan to locate three casinos in the state, including one in southeastern Massachusetts.

“Turning down those casinos is a loss of construction jobs,” Chabot said. “Considering the economy is so bad, I don’t know why he opposes this.”

The arrival of DiMasi brought a chorus of shouts and jeers.

The group chanting such phrases as, “Two, four, six, eight, no corporate tax breaks,” “We want DiMasi out” and “DiMasi doesn’t care.”

After DiMasi went inside Ryan Waite of Fall River had even harsher words.

“The dude is a rat,” Waite said. “He doesn’t care about us down here. I want that casino job.”

John Verissimo of New Bedford held a similar thought on DiMasi.

“He doesn’t care about the SouthCoast, period,” he said.

While the group made their presence known before DiMasi’s appearance, none remained outside of White’s after DiMasi concluded his appearance about an hour and half later.

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