Avalanche control: The next TV reality series?

Mark Esper

The television production company that brought us “American Chopper,” “Ghost Hunters,” “Ultimate Fighter” and “Dirty Jobs” had a crew in Silverton, Colo., last weekend to develop yet another reality TV series.

Jay Bluemke, producer and director for Pilgrim Films and Television of Los Angeles, said he can’t talk much about the project due to a nondisclosure agreement.

But the word around town is that the show would be about avalanche control.

He said his crew of five was at Silverton Mountain Ski Area on Sunday shooting a “presentation reel,” which he described as a preliminary step to producing a pilot.

“A production company has an idea for a show they want to do and put together a little reel — almost a sales tape,” Bluemke explained. “They take that around town and see if they can sell it as a pilot or a series.”

Bluemke said a presentation reel is typically a 5- to 10-minute video.

“It’s just to give the prospective buyer the flavor of what the show could be,” Buemke said.

The crew in Silverton included two cameramen, a sound man and a co-producer, Bluemke said.

He said the production company plans to be “shopping it around Los Angeles” by early May and shooting on the series, if it is developed, could take place next winter.

“I know they want to get this one taken care of quickly,” Bluemke said.

Bluemke said he was impressed by the spectacular mountain scenery in Silverton, but the elevation took some getting used to.

“I did some shooting for ‘Ghost Hunters’ in Estes Park,” Bluemke said. “I had forgotten what the elevation was like. It’s not easy, and this time what we’re doing is a lot more physical.”

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