Get to work this summer

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Tell me about yourself.

Why should I hire you rather than one of the other six candidates I’m interviewing? What makes you qualified for the position?

Tell me about a time you had a problem and how you solved it.

What motivates you?

Why are you interested in this job?

“I’m ready to apply” checklist

I’m dressed appropriately (no ripped or stained clothing, no revealing clothing), and my hair is combed.

I have all the information I’ll need to completely fill out an application.

I have practiced my interviewing skills.

I know when I can work and what transportation I have available to get there.

Interview dos

Be on time.

Offer a firm handshake.

Keep eye contact with the interviewer.

Be well-spoken.

Be enthusiastic.

Ask well-reasoned questions.

Interview don’ts

Don’t rely on Mom and Dad to do all the job-hunting legwork for you.

Don’t leave your cell phone on. Put it on vibrate or leave it at home.

Don’t start an interview by asking about pay rates or by making demands.

Don’t write illegibly on applications. If you’re handwriting is bad, bring printed labels with your name, phone number and address on them.

Getting  started? (box)

Here are some sites to help your teen locate the perfect summer job.