Buzz Ball: Amazing youths

Buzz Ball

After reading countless stories about gangs, juvenile delinquencies, underage drinking, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, etc., one tends to have a pretty negative attitude about the youth of our country.

But after experiencing what I did Friday afternoon, my perspective has changed a bit.

I saw a group of bright, energetic and hard-working teens working together toward a goal, and they were not willing to quit until their goal was accomplished.

I was invited by Carthage Junior High School art teacher Fred Mintert to go to his class and see the “Rube Goldberg” invention that one of his classes had constructed.

For those who don’t know, a Rube Goldberg is complex device that performs a simple task in indirect and convoluted ways.

Each youngster in the class was responsible for constructing the piece of the device that fit on his or her table. The catch is that it had to connect with the table before and the table after it.

Using rulers, pieces of wood, books, plastic buckets, tubes, golf balls, string, cans, electric engines, dominoes, etc., these kids constructed a device with the end result of a book causing a bell to ring.

It had been unsuccessful every time they had operated it but were determined to get it right. On the third try when I was there, it was the charm. Every time a portion of the device was successful, cheers kept getting louder and louder. Breaths were held as the end kept getting nearer and nearer.

Finally, when the bell rang, jubilant cheers erupted causing other teachers to scurry out into the halls to see what was happening.

It was a joy to see the determination on the kids faces and then joy.

They seemed to take true pride in what they did and it put a smile on this reporter’s face.

Hats off to Fred Mintert for instilling this determination and pride into his students.

And hats off to the youngsters for staying with this project and seeing their goal accomplished.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY – Life is gained by living; experience is gained by experiencing; friends are gained by giving; skill is gained by practicing; knowledge is gained by learning; love is gained by loving.

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