Gas consumers call for price help

Rob Montana

Cheryl Green was excited to have found a gas sale Thursday, stopping at the Kwik Fill on Seneca Street across from Hornell High School.

Gas there was just $3.50 a gallon for regular, and Green had an extra discount due to her use of a Kwik Fill gas card, which knocked another 5 cents off the price of a gallon.

“That’s why I came here,” she said.

Even with the discounts, though, Green hopes something is done about escalating gas prices — and soon.

“Take the taxes off,” she said. “Somehow this has gotten offline.

“I?think they (the federal government) need to regulate it,” Green added.

It’s not likely that will happen, she said, at least not under the current federal administration.

“Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have a lot of interest in gas,” Green said. “Are they going to cut their own throats?”

The lowest price spotted Thursday afternoon in the Maple City was at the Acorn Market on Main Street, where regular gas was only $3.48 a gallon. Ken Clark of Hornell was filling up an SUV. Actually, he was only putting in $20, which he said would only fill the tank about halfway.

“It’s way too high,” Clark said of the gas prices. “Our economy is not getting any better, and it’s not helping people to have the gas prices so high.”

“Everything goes up, but your paycheck,” added Tammy Didas, who was with Clark.

Clark suggested a requirement to increase wages that would allow people to pay for the gas they’re having to put into their vehicles to actually make it to work.

“If the gas prices go up, they should give you raises to pay for it,” he said. “I can understand the oil issue, but they need to start doing something about it.

“Half your paycheck goes to pay for gas,” Clark added.

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