Firefighters from five towns battle Lexington brush fire

Ian B. Murphy

Six middle school-aged boys playing with toy guns in East Lexington’s Great Meadows started a fire that firefighters from five towns are still trying to control.

“[The fire] is at least four acres, but I’m going to guess it’s more than that,” Lexington Fire Chief William Middlemiss said.

Lexington responded with two engines and two forestry trucks, and companies from Winchester, Arlington, Burlington and Bedford were also at the scene.

Police confirmed that the six boys were responsible for the fire, although they were unsure whether the blaze was an accident or deliberate.

“There were several boys here playing back in the field, and whatever they were doing, they were responsible for the ignition of the fire,” said Sgt. John Mazerall of the Lexington Police. “It’s still under investigation.”