Critic's Cupboard: Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals

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Mount Shasta Herald


Saimi Bergmann: I must send Pepperidge Farm a thank-you note. They should know how much I appreciate their “Baked Naturals” line of products.

I can’t decide which I appreciate more -- the low-fat, low-calorie profile, or the knockout flavor. My favorite is the Wheat Crisp. A gritty, whole grain crunch, with a hint of salt, and toasty, earthy flavor. So satisfying I can’t bring myself to adulterate it with cheese or spread or dip.


Jennifer Mastroianni: Pepperidge Farm has built its reputation on top-notch products, and these new crackers are no exception.

Pretzel fans must try the ultra-crispy Pretzel Thins. They look like pretzel twists that have been run over by a steamroller and dusted with salt and a zesty cheddar seasoning. Delish. The Wheat Crisps, shaped like an oversize guitar pick, are loaded with whole-grain flavor and have a surprisingly low calorie content -- just 8.5 calories per cracker.

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