State Briefs 6/2/08

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Mount Shasta Herald

Man serving time for murder wants to see report on detectives

SPRINGFIELD – Attorneys for a man sentenced to 25 years in prison for murder are asking to see a 2,300-page Illinois State Police report on the conduct of detectives at the Springfield Police Department.

John V. Dougherty, 50, was convicted in October 2005 of stabbing Michael Stursa to death in a dispute over a $40 marijuana debt. The case was mentioned in a summary of the state police report on charges by a fellow police officer against former detectives Jim Graham and Paul Carpenter.

The summary indicated that Graham and a third detective had butted heads over whether an informant should have been paid for information provided in the Stursa murder. The third detective submitted one of his informant’s names for Crime Stoppers money but learned that a relative of Graham’s had already been paid for the information.

The request for the report, filed by attorney Mark Wycoff in the appeal of Dougherty’s conviction, states that the summary “potentially triggers a plethora of constitutional wrongs pertaining to the very cause before this Honorable Court.”

State Journal-Register

Men arrested for videotaping public nudity

GALESBURG – Two young men were arrested Saturday after videotaping themselves naked in six public locations.

Jacob D. Arnold, 22, and Khyle A.D. Young, 19, both of Galesburg, were each charged with four counts of public indecency Saturday morning.

Police were called just before 7 a.m. Saturday to Christopher Drive near Carl Sandburg Drive after two newspaper delivery carriers said they were approached by two naked white males who asked if they needed help delivering their papers. One victim approached the suspect’s SUV and broke a window with his fist.

The naked men departed before police arrived. About 10 minutes later, Arnold and Young switched vehicles and approached the newspaper carriers again. Upset about the broken window, Arnold took a baseball bat and struck the victim’s van.

Police found both suspects’ vehicles at a house. Arnold and Hall were at the residence and admitted to approaching the victims while naked and videotaping the incidents.

Police reviewed video tape footage which also showed Young and Arnold getting into a taxi cab naked, at Steak N Shake naked, entering the Broadview Restaurant naked, approaching an elderly woman while naked and hugging an elderly male while naked.

The pair told police they had been drinking alcohol and were extremely intoxicated prior to exposing themselves. They did not offer a motive for their streaking streak.

Galesburg Register-Mail

Girl praised for stopping car after mom had seizure

GALESBURG – It has not been a typical week for 10-year-old Cassy Osborne.

Between getting her arm cast off, prepping for television appearances, giving media interviews and saving her mom’s life, the Abingdon fifth grader has had a quite a spectacular week.

“Some people are calling me a hero,” Cassy said. “I guess I think of myself as a hero, too.”

Cassy’s mom, Gretchan Osborne agreed wholeheartedly. “I’m just so proud of her. She really is my hero. I am so lucky.”

The ordeal started at about 7 p.m. Thursday night. Gretchan and Cassy left their Abingdon home for a quick trip to Galesburg to pick up eye drops for Cassy’s brother Cody.

With the car traveling at nearly 60 mph, Gretchan had a seizure. After calling 911, Cassy told police dispatchers her mom started shaking and would not wake up. According to Cassy, the dispatcher calmed her down quickly and she was able to grab the steering wheel with her right arm since her left arm was still hurting from a recent broken elbow.

The car crossed railroad tracks and the intersection of Linwood Road and Main Street. As the vehicle continued traveling northbound at about 15 mph, Galesburg Police officer Timothy Jenkins parked his vehicle at the intersection of Fremont Street and Linwood Road. As the car passed, he ran to the driver’s side, grabbed the steering wheel and held Gretchan’s head.

Cassy was able to push her mother’s foot off the accelerator and Jenkins then steered the car into a grassy area where it came to a stop near the movie theater.

Cassy, Gretchan and Officer Jenkins will appear between 7 and 9 a.m. on the CBS “Early Show” Tuesday and other appearances are in the works.

Galesburg Register-Mail

Mustard smell leads to drug bust

CAMBRIDGE, Ill. — A pungent odor puzzling a police officer?

It seems unlikely, but on an Interstate 80 traffic stop on May 29, the state trooper couldn't place the aroma that hit him as he approached a gold Mitsubishi with its doors closed.

It was mustard.

During a preliminary hearing in Henry County Circuit Court Monday for the driver, Delores Peters, 33, of Coatesville, Pa., the trooper testified he found her to be driving without a valid license. He said a search followed, in which he found a black duffel bag in the trunk with 35 pounds of cannabis in sealed packages which were covered with mustard. Papers and receipts in the car indicated they'd been in California and possibly Texas, he said.

Peters and her passenger, Wade Burgess, 29, also of Coatesville, are charged with Class X felony cannabis trafficking, Class X felony manufacture/delivery of cannabis and Class 1 possession of cannabis.

Probable cause was found to believe Peters committed a felony. Burgess is hiring private counsel and will have a June 16 preliminary hearing. Both remain in jail on $250,000 bail.

Kewanee Star Courier

Cap signed by Peterson back on eBay

BOLINGBROOK – A "Today Show" cap signed by Drew Peterson is back on eBay but the auction is having even less success then the first attempt to sell the item.

The cap originally went on the auction block May 14 but was taken down several days later. At the time, one person had bid the minimum $1,000.

A description of the cap says it came from Peterson's appearance on the "Today Show" earlier this year to discuss the Oct. 28 disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy and the March 2004 drowning of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Peterson is a suspect in his wife's disappearance. Authorities recently reclassified Savio's death as a homicide but have not named a suspect. Peterson has denied any involvement in the mysterious fates of his wives and has not been charged with a crime in either case.

Peterson has said he signed the cap for a friend who later gave it to her mother, who apparently is behind the auction. The listed seller goes by "arkhyn" and is the same eBay member who put the cap up for sale originally.

The seller did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment Monday night.

The latest auction went live on Friday, again with a starting bid of $1,000. As of Monday night, no one had placed a bid.

News of the May posting created a stir as national television pundits derided the listing.

The latest entry contains this disclaimer: "This auction in NO way seeks to promote or glorify hatred or violence. This item is sold ONLY as a piece of TV memorabilia as this particular signature was made at a historical TV appearance event for those who are interested in such memorabilia. Again, I do not condone acts of violence and wish to remind everyone that Drew Peterson is still innocent until proven guilty by the American Legal System and assumptions of guilt of any non-proven crime are not my fault. Stacy Peterson's disappearance has not been confirmed to be involuntary at this time and so she cannot be labeled a victim of "human tragedy" at this time, despite the fact that this auction has nothing to do with her other than her disappearance was the topic of discussion on Drew Peterson's Today Show appearance. eBay listing policies have been carefully reviewed to make certain that this listing is not in violation of the prohibited items policy."

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