Vdeo: For ‘derby kids,’ the racing is as key as the friendships they make

Linda Quinlan

And the winners are:

Super Stock West

1st: Alex Richardson, Greece

2nd: Tiffany Reeder, Greece

3rd: Zach Hallatt, Spencerport

4th: Nicky Vaccaro, Greece

5th: Matt Zachary, Hilton

6th: Lisamarie Valentin, Rochester

7th: Nick Trombley, Greece

8th: Joey Manna, Hamlin

Stock West

1st: Rebekah Hoak, Holley

2nd: Cheyenne Zaremba, Hamlin

3rd: Rachel Zachary, Hilton

4th: Adam Turner, Greece

5th: Darrin Jones, Rochester

6th: David Ludeke, Greece

7th: Odalys Gonzales, Rochester

8th: Heather Lee Krahel, Amherst, N.Y.

Super Stock East

1st: Danielle Spaker, Irondequoit

2nd: Patrick Schulz, Irondequoit

3rd: Trevor Forbes, Irondequoit

4th: Chaka Williams, Rochester

5th: Nikki Scherzi, Walworth

6th: Sal Broccolo, Henrietta

7th: Ernest Smollen, Rochester

8th: Katie Scherzi, Walworth

Stock East

1st: Bridget Wheeler, Webster

2nd: Caitlin Sanders, Webster

3rd: Darcy Wheeler, Webster

4th: Rachel Spaker, Irondequoit

5th: Mitchell Green, Brighton

6th: Luke Muir, Brighton

7th: Allison Kelly, Bloomfield

8th: Alexis Malta, Webster


1st: Megan Marulli, Irondequoit

2nd: Troy Forbes, Irondequoit

3rd: Jacob Butchko, Syracuse

4th: Kelsey Manna, Churchville

5th: Jessica Stam, Greece

6th: Catherine Pluta, Mendon


Champion: Ryan Kelly