Arkport student achieves perfection

Bob Clark

The year 1995 will be remembered for several events.

Republicans took control of Congress, eBay was founded, and Cal Ripken Jr. broke the baseball record for the most consecutive games played.

Meanwhile, another record was beginning in Arkport.

Arkport senior Kyle Pierce, 17, is one of only a handful of Arkport students to ever graduate without having missed a single day of class.

“I never had that bad of an illness that I had to miss school,” Pierce said Tuesday afternoon.

Although others skipped out of school, Pierce said it was not a big deal if he didn’t do the same.

“Our school isn't big on traditions like Senior Skip day, so I didn’t really miss much,” Pierce added.

The best part about going to school every day?

“If you go, you don’t have to make up anything,” he said. “I guess it shows there’s not really a reason to miss work.”

Even after breaking his leg in gym class and receiving knee surgery, there wasn’t a reason.

“He broke his leg on a Friday and had to come to school on Monday,” Heidi Pierce, Kyle’s mom, said.

Arkport district Superintendent William Locke is pleased with Pierce’s accomplishment.

“Well, think about it: chicken pox, sprained ankles, the flu, potential vacations... you add up the list,” Locke said. “It’s been nine years since the last one graduated.”

The last student, Nicole Harwood, always seemed to get sick over vacations, Locke said.

“She got chicken pox over Christmas, that was her secret,” he added. “There’s been another 400 students that have graduated here since then, and none of them have gotten it. It’s a tremendous accomplishment and we’re very proud of Kyle.”

Pierce will go in the fall to SUNY Brockport for business administration or sports management.

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