Baby kestrel rescued from store

John Hacker

A baby American kestrel has a big story to share with its nestling brothers and sisters about the big wide world after its adventure Tuesday.

Carthage Animal Control Officer Justin Butler and Parking Enforcement Officer Ryan Antwiler captured the tiny raptor after it had flown into the Uptown/Downtown store Tuesday shortly after 3 p.m.

Jackie and Dennis Boothe, owners of Uptown/Downtown, said they had their front door open because it was such a pretty day, and the bird just flew in and perched on a high windowsill.

They said they knew exactly where they bird came from because they've been watching the kestrels nest in a hole in the flashing near the roof of the building across the street from their store for the past five years.

"Did you ever notice how we don't have pigeons?" said Dennis Boothe. "These are good birds, and they're the reason why the pigeons don't hang around."

The Boothes have had birds in their store before, and they generally are able to shoo them out with a broom handle, but they wanted to be careful with the kestrel.

Butler and Antwiler got on the fire escape of the second floor of the building and managed to put the bird back in its nest.

Butler said there were three other nestlings in the hole when they put the wayward baby back. He said the baby will probably jump out again soon, but hopefully it will be a bit more discerning in where it rests.

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