Cook, Dixon are winners, District 2 needs runoff

Staff reports

Jim Cook won a second term to the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors from District 1 during the June 3 Primary Election, while Jim Hardy and Ed Valenzuela, the top vote-getters in District 2, are headed for a November runoff.

According to the final results as recorded by the County Clerk’s office, Karen Dixon won the Superior Court Judge election with nearly 54 percent of the vote, while Michael Thamer was second with 40 percent.

Cook claimed over 60 percent of the vote in District 1, while challenger Leo T. Bergeron had 39 percent.

Neither Hardy nor Valenzuela had the simple majority needed to win the District 2 seat outright, so they will face a runoff on the November general election ballot, which is expected to attract more attention than the June primary.

Hardy claimed nearly 39.5 percent of the votes in District 1 Tuesday of last week, to Valenzuela’s 34.5 percent and Chris Meyer’s 26 percent.

In regional elections, John Jacobson of Weed was the top vote-getter in Siskiyou County in the Democratic primary for House of Representatives, but he finished a close third in the District wide voting, behind Jeff Morris of Weaverville and AJ Sekhon of Yuba City. Morris won the primary with just under 35 percent of the votes (12,534), Sekhon had just over 34 percent (12,271), and Jacobson had 31 percent (11,182).

The top vote getter from the Democratic primary will advance to face Republican incumbent Wally Herger, who ran unopposed June 3, in the November general election.

Jim Nielsen of Gerber is the victor in the Republican primary for the State Assembly. He won by a wide margin in the District wide voting, claiming 45 percent of the votes (17,194) to finish ahead of Charles Schaupp (23 percent, 8,793 votes), Pete Stiglich (18.7 percent, 7,132 votes), and John Martinez (13.1 percent, 5,014).

Martinez, an Etna resident, claimed nearly 30 percent of the vote in Siskiyou County, to finish second to Nielsen in the local voting.

In a race to replace Doug LaMalfa, who has termed out, Nielsen will face Democrat Paul Singh of Live Oak in the November election. Singh ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

A majority of Siskiyou County voters favored both of the propositions on the statewide ballot, but only Prop 99 (Eminent Domain-Limits Acquisition) was passed by California voters.

In Siskiyou County, Prop 98 (Eminent Domain-Government Authority) received 56.5 percent approval, but statewide it was defeated by a 61 to 39 percent margin.

Prop 99 won by a wide margin statewide with 62 percent approval. It did even better in Siskiyou County, with nearly 64 percent voting yes.

Siskiyou County’s voter turnout was 42 percent, which county clerk Colleen Setzer called “a dismal disappointment,” some of which she attributed to having the presidential primary in February instead of with the rest of the primary in June.

Statewide the turnout was much worse on June 3 at 22 percent.

Valenzuela said, “It was surprising to me that more people didn’t vote. I really thought there would be a bigger turnout. In any event though, I’m glad to have made it this far. I kept asking myself during the campaign if there was anything more I could do to win and the next thing I knew it was the third of June. I’m looking forward to taking a break and spending more time with my family before starting in again on the runoff.”

Hardy, who said he’ll also take a short break from the campaign trail, said he felt he was helped by the many years he served as a teacher, school administrator and trustee for College of the Siskiyous, during which he seldom burned bridges. He also pointed to his willingness to take a stand on issues.

But, he assumes the run-off in November will be a tough race and he’ll have to work hard to get the votes that went to Meyer.

Following is a list that shows the final count from Siskiyou County and the count as of June 10 for state and regional votes.

US Representative


Siskiyou County

John Jacobson, 1,923 (43.70%)

AJ Sekhon, 1,327 (30.16%)

Jeff Morris, 1,092 (24.82%)

Write-in votes, 58 (1.32%)


John Jacobson, 11,182 (31%)

Jeff Morris, 12,534 (34.9%)

AJ Sekhon, 12,271 (34.1%)

US Representative


Siskiyou County

Wally Herger, 5,419 (97.99%)

Write-in votes, 111 (2.01%)


Wally Herger, 51,151 (100%)

State Assembly


Siskiyou County

Paul R. Singh, 3,582 (97.13%)

Write-in votes, 106 (2.87%)


Paul R. Singh, 20,157 (100%)

State Assembly


Siskiyou County

Jim Nielsen, 2,092 (37.33%)

John Martinez, 1,660 (29.62%)

Charles Schaupp, 1,099 (19.61%)

Pete Stiglich, 741 (13.22%)

Write-in votes, 12 (0.12%)


John Martinez, 5,014 (13.1%)

Jim Nielsen, 17,194 (45.1%)

Charles Schaupp, 8,793 (23.1%)

Pete Stiglich, 7,132 (18.7%)

Superior Court Judge

Karen L. Dixon, 6,256 (53.66%)

Michael Thamer, 4,687 (40.20%)

Richard L. Young, 687 (5.89%)

Write-in Votes, 28, (0.24%)

County Supervisor Dist. 1

Jim Cook, 1,276 (60.42%)

Leo T. Bergeron, 832 (39.39%)

Write-in votes, 4 (0.19%)

County Supervisor Dist. 2

Jim Hardy, 977 (39.41%)

Ed Valenzuela, 853 (34.41%)

Chris Meyer, 645 (26.02%)

Write-in votes, 4 (0.16%)

County Supervisor Dist. 4

Grace M. Bennett, 916 (100%)

Anthony Intiso, 904 (35.48%)

Joe Schettino, 722 (28.34%)

Write-in votes, 6 (0.24%)

Montague City Council

Full Term

John Hammond, 261 (29.23%)

Jayne M. Keller, 231 (25.87%)

Philip Robustellini, 215 (24.08%)

Doug Hayes, 94 (10.53%)

Mark White, 87 (9.74%)

Write-in votes, 5 (0.56%)

Montague City Council

Short Term

Trina Blanchard, 248 (78.23%)

Luana Meigs, 64 (20.19%)

Write-in votes, 5 (1.58%)

Yreka City Council

Jason Darrow, 880 (26.96%)

David Simmen, 878 (26.90%)

Paul McCoy, 806 (24.69%)

Steve Young, 674 (20.65%)

Write-in votes, 26 (0.80%)

Yreka City Clerk

Elizabeth E. Casson, 1,698 (99.53%)

Write-in votes, 8 (0.47%)

Yreka City Treasurer

Michael Pavlik, 1,701 (99.24%)

Write-in Votes, 13 (0.76%)

Proposition 98

Eminent Domain

Government Authority

Siskiyou County

Yes — 6,626 (56.54%)

No — 5,093 (43.46%)


Yes — 1,512,333 (38.7%)

No — 2,392,723 (61.3%)

Proposition 99

Eminent Domain

Limits Acquisition

Siskiyou County

Yes — 7,405 (63.66%)

No — 4,227 (36.34%)


Yes — 2,408,860 (62.2%)

No — 1,469,476 (37.8%)