Photos of Entwistle bed where bodies found shown in court

Norman Miller

Crime scene photographs of the bed where Rachel Entwistle and her baby daughter Lillian were found dead were shown in court today.

The photos showed what appeared just to be an unmade bed, but Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Mary Ritchie said the bodies were actually discovered underneath the bedding.

She testified that when she and other crime scene specialists moved the comforter, they could see Rachel underneath a sheet. A pillow was covering Lillian's head completely, and parts of Rachel's head.

She said the pillow, when moved, appeared to have brownish-reddish stains on it.

Ritchie said Lillian Rose had bruising around her eyes and a reddish liquid coming from her mouth. She also had a gunshot wound to her chest.

Rachel was laying on her side and had her arm draped across Lillian. Police found puncture wounds, later determined to be from bullet fragments in her chest, near her left breast.

Ritchie also said fingerprints for both Neil and Rachel Entwistle were found in the house, as well as the home's then owner, Kim Puig.

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