The Tribe test: What have you learned from the Indians' injury report?

Josh Weir

Indians fans have deciphered more medical jargon during the past month than “ER” fans. Here’s a multiple-choice quiz. Match the word with its meaning.

(Remember, all these terms have actually been used explaining something with the Indians, mostly injuries. If light-headedness occurs, blame the Tribe.)

Good luck, and NO CHEATING!

1. “Noxious stimuli”

A. Smell emitting from postgame locker room.

B. Feeling in stomach after Tribe offense strands another runner.

C. Medical description of Victor Martinez’s fingernail causing him pain earlier this season.

2. “Synovitis” (pronounced “sin-o-vy-tiss”)

A. Weird skin rash picked up in Detroit hotel.

B. Gum disease from lack of proper brushing.

C. Type of irritation in Victor Martinez’s right elbow.

3. “Flexor pulley system”

A. Top-secret training equipment Travis Hafner is using to strengthen his bum right shoulder.

B. Transition problem in player’s BMW.

C. The tendons and ligaments in Adam Miller’s middle finger.

4. “Palmaris longus”

A. Highly touted prospect from Greece.

B. Species classification of team mascot Slider.

C. Wrist tendon used to reconstruct Jake Westbrook’s ulnar collateral ligament.

5. “Schickendantz” (pronounced “shick-in-dance”)

A. German version of popular dance at wedding receptions.

B. German version of “Shake-n-Bake.”

C. Last name of Indians team physician.

6. “Sublux”

A. Deluxe sandwich from Quiznos.

B. Secret pitch thrown by Cliff Lee.

C. Term for what happened to the tendon on Josh Barfield’s middle finger.

7. “Fistula”

A. Popular garage band in Cleveland.

B. Process of Tribe fans punching holes in their walls after Indians were swept in Colorado.

C. Proper term for the hole/blister that formed in the finger of Adam Miller.

8. “Extensor Hood”

A. Rough part of town.

B. Cold-weather clothing.

C. Ligament that was reconstructed to stabilize tendon in Josh Barfield’s finger.

9. “Yamid Haad”

A. Arab oil magnate.

B. United Nations diplomat.

C. Indians back-up catcher for six days this month.

10. “Sal Fasano”

A. Extra from “The Sopranos.”

B. Character in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.”

C. Indians current backup catcher.

Put your pencils down. Extra credit is available for anyone who can explain the difference between an “extraarticular” and “intraarticular” muscle.

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