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For 6/25/08 editions

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* SUDOKU PUZZLES ARE HERE: The news service has a new offering: Sudoku. Here’s a link to the first batch of puzzles available to you free on the news service.

REDESIGN: Hannibal offers first new look in 15 years. Check out the before and after on

Lifestyles (Wednesday is Food)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Weekly food rail, with a Fourth of July cupcake recipe, a look at some seafood and more.

FOOD PAGE: Spice up summer.

FOOD VIDEO: This week, tortilla chip chicken makes good picnic choice.

SENIOR SAVVY: Keep seniors cool and safe this summer

GIANT PANDA HITS: Giant Panda's 'Electric Laser' modernizes old-school hip-hop. SUSSEX

ETRAN FINATAWA: Etran Finatawa rooted in the desert sun. As foreign voices speak a faraway desert dialect and the first few loping bars of “Saghmar N Nanna” creep in, "Desert Crossroads," the second disc by North African blues group Etran Finatawa, sounds like it might be just a vaguely Middle-Eastern-sounding folk record. SUSSEX


TOM MARTIN: Obama should be clear: Private money gives him an edge - Barack Obama’s decision last week not to use public financing money for his campaign made him different from every presidential candidate in a general election since Watergate. But it also makes him like just another politician.

EDITORIAL: Obama’s decision hurts campaign finance reform -

Last week, Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, did what many expected and opted out of the public financing system that has funded every major-party presidential nominee since Watergate. SPRINGFIELD


- On U.S. no longer being the fattest country, and on the Rock Paper Scissors "competition."

- On the College World Series (note: it could be over today, in which case, the column will need minor editing to reflect that).


- George Carlin knew importance of words, not just dirty ones.

- Looking at old cars reminds me of the people from my past.

MICHAEL WINSHIP: Let me call you sweetheart ... loans

WILLIAM C. BAILEY: What's in the cupboard -- food or fuel?


NASCAR CONTENT: Includes NASCAR page, as well as story on David Gilliland and 3 questions with Jeff Gordon, as well as the NASCAR rail.


PREGNANCY PACT: Gloucester, Mass., mayor says 'pregnancy pact' remains a rumor.

SOLDIER SUICIDE: Death of Quincy soldier in Afghanistan ruled a suicide, family says - The family of Ciara Durkin, a National Guard soldier who died in mysterious circumstances last fall in Afghanistan, says they have been told that the Army has ruled her death a suicide. We are very upset and saddened by their conclusion," the family said in a statement on their web site. Ledger, Scheible, on wire now

With file photo

BICYCLE BANDIT: Cops follow red cloud all the way to bank robbery suspect - A bank robber left Gore Street littered with a trail of red money after the dye pack secretly stuffed into his loot by a bank teller exploded as the crook tried to make a getaway from the heist on his bicycle. Cambridge Chronicle/TAB, Smith, on wire now


AUTO INDUSTRY VARIES ON SUMMER BREAKS: Summer break sliced for Chrysler, extended for GM – Workers at Chrysler’s assembly plant in Belvidere will get fewer days off this summer while the work force at General Motors’ assembly plant in Janesville, Wis., will see more than it expected. ROCKFORD

FLOODS AND CROPS: Floods sure to strain crops, keep prices high

This year's corn crop is already flooded with concerns about the economic impact of heavy rains and the floods that have hit parts of the Midwest.  PEORIA

SUPERMARKET PRICING: Consumer groups worry that item pricing could go away at supermarkets - A bill that would allow grocery stores to opt for aisle scanners instead of item-by-item pricing is moving forward in the Legislature.

Ledger, Chesto, on wire now