Mount Shasta City Council honors citizens

Will Duggan
Chris Marrone received an award from Mount Shasta Mayor Russ Porterfield.

For his eight years of service as a board member of the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District, Chris Marrone was honored with a special mayoral presentation at the Mount Shasta City Council meeting Monday night.

Bill Miesse, author of the book “Sudden and Solitary,” was also honored for his contribution to the preservation of the art and history of Mount Shasta.

Miesse was joined by Bev Stupek of Turtle Bay Museum and Exploration Park of Redding as they distributed copies of the book to several citizens who supported the book project through the years as well as to members of the city council.

In addressing the Council Miesse said, “This is a tribute to the city and the Mountain. Hopefully the book will serve to create more interest for those who visit Mount Shasta and give them additional reasons to come back again and again.”

The Council unanimously adopted a resolution to award a bid of $23,000 for the purchase of a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Vehicle from the Ellis Brooks Auto Dealership in Yreka to    be used by the Mount Shasta Police Department.

The recommendation of the nominating committee to appoint Sean Doyle, Laurel  Harkness and Yvonne Malee to the Recreation and Parks District Board was approved with terms of service set to expire on June 30, 2012.

A request was made by John Estes that a technology to  facilitate communication for hearing impaired individuals be installed at the police station and library.

The device is provided free from Sorenson Video Relay Services. Estes said that he has been using the device for two years in his home with great results. SVRS empowers deaf callers who use sign language to conduct video relay conversations with hearing persons through a certified ASL interpreter via a high speed internet connection.

A concern was raised as to the openness and transparency  of the City Council by Mount Shasta resident and former council member Marge Apperson. She said the Brown Act was put into place throughout the state to ensure that the public has notification and access to  business conducted by city, county and state agencies and governing councils and boards.

Apperson pointed out to the Council that there have been several instances when the public has not been provided with adequate information as to what issues are on the agenda.

Mayor Russ Porterfield said he was not aware of the situation but indicated the Council would take corrective measures in accord with the guidelines established by the Brown Act.

A motion to update the City Code and make it more accessible to the public via the internet was not approved by a 3-2 vote. The councilors who voted against the motion did so on the basis of budget concerns. The cost for the code update is approximately $8,000.

There was discussion by the Council on the pros and cons of resolutions and ordinances following a presentation by Merle Anderson of Pacific Mutual Consultants, the company contracted by the city to update the building code.

After the discussion it was agreed by the councilors that the code needs to be clarified so that the chances of inconsistencies developing between the City code and the State CEQA code guidelines are minimized.

Future City Council agenda items include:

• Agreement between the City and MCTV 15

• Discussion of workshop topics and protocols

• Agreement between the City and the Chamber of Commerce for operation of the Visitor’s Bureau

•  Contrail/chemtrails discussion of air and water quality.

• Annual Springhill sewer assessment

•  Annual special assessment for the Fire Department

Following the regular session there was a closed session of the Council during which a conference was held regarding: Existing litigation pursuant to Government Code 54956.9(a) Pennbrook Homes vs. City of Mount Shasta; Labor negotiations pursuant to Government Code 54957.6; Liability claims pursuant to Government Code 54956.95 No action was taken during the closed session but direction was given  to staff.

Councilors Tim Stearns, Ed Valenzuela, Michael Murray and Sandy Spelliscy were present along with Mayor Russ Porterfield.

The next MS City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday July 14 at the MS Community Hall located at 629 Alder Street at 6:30 pm.

‘Sudden and Solitary’ author Bill Miesse was recognized by the Mount Shasta City Council.