RR Days committee planning return of trains in ’09

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

After reviewing the recent 2008 Railroad Days and the many public requests that were received, the event committee has decided to bring the trains back for 2009, including model railroaders.

“After all, it is Dunsmuir’s heritage,” said committee chairman Merry Padilla.

The date for Railroad Days has been set for the next four years. The second weekend in June 2009 is Saturday and Sunday June 13 and 14.

Committee members feel the challenge of a Railroad Days without trains or beer “was successfully accomplished with the help and support of many actively participating members of our small canyon communities.”

Padilla said, “I wish to thank this past year’s committee members which include, in no particular order, Tammy Cutting, Patty Hill (The Village Harpist), Smokey and Laura General, Troy Linville, Shery Larson, Christina Saverimuttu, Fran Fields, Sandra Hood, Tim Holt, Rob Mathany, Michael Creed, Kim Headley, Mark Diodato, Roxanne Bacon and Steve Felton.

For 2009, Patty Hill (235-9912) will be in charge of the music, and Fran Fields (235-4025) will be in charge of the vendors.

This year’s event ended up with approximately $3,000 profit to start next year.

Anyone interested in becoming part of this growing event is encouraged to contact Merry Padilla at 235-4550 or merryed@sbcglobal.net.

“Hope to see you at next year’s event which will be bigger and better than this past year’s,” said Padilla.

The committee has purchased an easy to use 2 1/4” button/badge maker which was used to make the 2008 Railroad Days buttons. Its use is being offered to other Siskiyou County community organizations. The only thing  requested in return is reimbursement for supplies.

Railroad Days fundraisers are being planned for throughout the year. “We will be actively publicizing Dunsmuir Railroad Days,” said Padilla.