Gary Brown: The spa appeal may reach men

Gary Brown

When a resort offers a “One Night Rejuvenation Package” and a “Two-Night Body and Soul Package,” it kind of makes the “Two Night Golf and Spa Package” seem a little superficial.

Are they saying golfers have no souls?

The vacation packages are being offered by the Spa Grand Traverse in Michigan. A news release from the year-round golf and conference destination notes that the spa treatment area is adjacent to an even larger health club.

“Spa Grand Traverse offers all of the latest treatments . . . hydrotherapy, body wraps, facials manicures, pedicures and a complete salon to pamper guests from head to toe,” the release said.

I’m guessing that all those services — for women, by the sounds of them — are part of the “Rejuvenation” and the “Body and Soul” packages.

The “Golf and Spa Package” is just an attempt to get the guys who go along to the resort to take a shower between golf and going to the dining room to eat.

Not spa people

Most guys that I know don’t spend much time at spas. Oh, they get massages from time to time, and they might sneak in a manicure if anybody is going to take a close look at their hands. But, on the 18th tee, you hardly ever hear a guy announce, “We gotta make this last hole quick or I’ll be late for my body wrap.”

Guys generally don’t wrap their bodies in anything but sweat pants and sweat shirts. Besides, young guys don’t need body wraps and old guys often have too much body to wrap. If everybody in a guy’s golf group decided they wanted a body wrap, most spas would run out of Saran Wrap.

And I doubt the guys would understand the whole spa experience anyway.

“The sign says ‘hydrotherapy,’ does that mean we each get a free bottle of water?”

My point

The reason I’m writing this is because the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa apparently is offering a new spa treatment that even the women who go to spas all the time might not be familiar with.

They call it the “Espresso Scrub.”

“Guests can awaken their senses with an energizing pedicure and manicure that begins with a refreshing espresso soak and ends with a cappuccino infused lotion,” the release explained. “For only $85, now through July 31, you can enjoy the coffee-infused delight, along with your choice of a vanilla or mocha cappuccino or Leelanau Coffee.”

Free coffee, sort of.

But could we make that decaffeinated coffee, which is better for the soul?

Maybe with a little cream and sugar and that little paper sleeve because it is, after all, a spa.

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