Treasures Gallery features most valuable Lincoln artifacts

Staff reports

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum’s most valuable artifacts are showcased in its Treasures Gallery. Not all of the museum’s top artifacts are on display all the time. The Gettysburg Address, which just returned to the gallery, will stay on display for the next seven weeks. 

“We hope to post soon on the Web site the rotating schedule of which key items or documents will be on display over the next two-year period,” said James Cornelius, curator of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. 

In late August, Cornelius, said the museum plans to introduce a major exhibit of new material to fill the Treasures Gallery.

Visit for upcoming details.

What’s there now

- The “sum book page,” Lincoln’s circa 1826 math practice work, is the earliest known piece of writing by Abraham Lincoln and includes a poetic ditty he wrote in it.

nMary Todd Lincoln’s music box, which played popular operatic music of the day.

nA silver-plated coffee urn, a gift from the Lincolns in 1859 to newlyweds C.C. Brown and E.J. Stuart in Springfield. Bought at Chatterton’s on the west side of the Old Capitol square.

- Lincoln’s traveling shaving mirror.

- Mary’s small mahogany vanity case with mirror and jewelry drawer.

- White House china, crystal and silver napkin ring.

- Lincoln’s pencil-corrected copy of his 1860 biography by William Dean Howells (Lincoln’s corrections appeared in later editions).

- An 1835 letter Lincoln franked as postmaster of New Salem.

- The Gettysburg Address.