Bay Area developers bringing 'green' concept to McCloud

Jeff Knebel
Seven home sites in the Shasta Pines Subdivision in McCloud became available for sale on July 1. The lots are being sold by the McCloud Development Corporation of San Francisco as the first phase of an envisioned sustainable destination resort. The site is located on the eastern end of McCloud.

San Francisco based McCloud Development Corporation is looking to make McCloud a destination on the sustainable living map.

The corporation announced on Friday its plans to develop a sustainable or “green” destination resort and housing subdivision in the town.

The 70-acre project site is located on the eastern edge of town bordered by Hwy. 89 and Haul Rd.

“The intention is for all of the homes to be built with unique green features and qualities using cutting edge sustainable practices, materials and technologies,” said McCloud Development Corporation founder and president Paul Hurley.

“Building green is the future. We want McCloud and the Mt. Shasta area to become a Mecca for sustainable development and be a leader for the entire region. With this project we hope to create an economic engine that can power growth in the community in a responsible and sustainable way.”  

The resort will ultimately consist of 25 single-family homes, many of which will be available as vacation rentals, and a hotel complex, all built according to sustainable or “green” guidelines, said Hurley.

For the first phase of the project MDC is selling seven home sites in the project’s Shasta Pines Subdivision that became available July 1, according to Hurley.

The long-term development vision for the resort includes an environmental education and conference center and a green business and office park. He said he would like to see the hotel completed in around three years.

“We’ve had nothing but enthusiastic support from people we’ve worked with,” Hurley said. “We want to use as many local vendors as possible and create jobs that will help the economy. If we can put McCloud on the tourist map the impact will spill over into the whole community.”

Hurley said he has been working with the McCloud Community Services District on the project over the past year.

“I’ve been taking fly-fishing trips there for years and there was never a family destination resort and it was always difficult to find a place to stay,” he said. “It was last year when I saw the need for a destination resort of this kind.”

Hurley said the resort will be designed and marketed to accommodate outdoor recreation tourism.

“McCloud is the perfect location for our project,” he said. “It has four-season recreational opportunities right in its backyard, like skiing, hiking and world-cass fly-fishing.

“The Mt. Shasta area is known around the world and can become a hub for these activities.”